Let's Collaborate!

Unbelievably Human™ LOVES collaborations, after all we focus on love for self , love for others and love for life with heART expression as the medium; If you’re a brand or an individual with a cool idea, product, kickstarter,go fund me, or project seeking expressive, whimsical, captivating, and integrated partnerships, let’s work together in magical and imaginative ways to bring readers closer to you and your brand.  Unbelievably Human recognizes that expression isn’t one size fits all and has a variety of opportunities for sponsorship, collaboration and advertising! See the expressive break down below!

My life in DIY Pom Poms

DIY Posts // Example

Want us to make something? That’s right up our alley! My Life in DIY is a favorite series for our readers! We’ll use your product or highlight your brand! Unbelievably Human partners with brands to create DIY that inspires-literally. These posts encourage readers to interact with the brand on a personal level, using the product to express who they are and what they feel. This all showcases them and the brand in a way that we call heArt! It allows us to be innovative and sometimes- unconventional in our use of your product!

Unbelievably human Lifestyle

Lifestyle Posts // Example

Authentic Stories are the cornerstone of all we do. Being able to share about the brands that fit seamlessly into our lives, helps us demonstrate how fun it can being living an outwardly expressive life. In this way, Lifestyle post collaborations highlight your brand or product by sharing as you would with a best friend.

Unbelievably Human Youtube

Video // Example

Not only does Unbelievably Human Blog it also has an active and frequently updated YouTube channel! We are serious about ALL mediums of expression. Want us to feature your product via video – no problem! We’ll produce, create, film, and share a video highlighting your brand. This option can also be added to a sponsored post.

Unbelievably Human Giveaway

Giveaways // Example

Our readers enjoy giveaways as much as they love confetti and sparkles! Shared via a blog post or on our various social media outlets, giveaways spread awareness about your brand and gain audience interaction.

unbelievably human instagram

Instagram // Example

Get in front of our engaged followers and gain awareness for your brand on our Instagram feed. Through a styled series or takeover, we’ll share visuals that highlight your brand and get our readers talking about you!


Advertising // Example

Want to share in a fun way? Unbelievably Human is always creating gifs and our readers love it! Share your brand, idea, or project in an integrated and expressive way with these in post ads that run on all post that are not sponsored. Don't want a gif but want to have your advertisement featured in this fashion? We welcome it and offer calendaring, sizing, and price list on request. 

Unbelievably Human In Kind sponsors

Freebies// example

Unbelievably Human™ LOVES receiving packages and knows what it's like to have a tight budget! So reach out to us! Nothing beats being able to share the contents in really fun and entertaining ways! We have many options that will showcase your brand, idea,  or project, with innovation, Some options would be incorporation indirectly into a larger post, video, or social media thread, with at least one link to your brand, product, or project! We are committed to true expression and only sharing the things that we love,notated as c/o [courtesy of], and fit the Unbelievably Human brand.

To propose your collaboration idea, please send an email (and link to your site, if applicable) to UH{at}UnbelievablyHuman{dot}com. And let us know what you're excited to share, cause we're EXCITED to hear from you!

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