Always : To My Forever Love, A Journal (Digital Book)

Always : To My Forever Love, A Journal (Digital Book)


This is the highly requested digital version of ,Always: To My Forever Love, A Journal. We created the digital version of this to be interactive. This 128 page journal has both prompts, blank pages, and spaces for you to journal to your forever love. With this book you’ll be able to download/air drop this into the note taking app of your choosing [such as: goodnotes, ect. These apps will allow you to import picture or images right from your phone into your journal.] on an IOS device and using a stylist or apple pen write or paint into the journal. If you are using an android device you should be able to do the same thing in the equivalent app.

Use this book, In the spirit of the law of attraction, to encourage you to start a conversation with the person who will one day be the co author of your love story. Be Silly, be courageous, visualize, but most importantly be you. If you can be you on these pages than you will attract into your life the love that loves you for you, and as you date you’ll be clearer on what you’re really looking for in forever love and what’s important for a forever life together.

This makes a great gift for yourself or a friend who needs encouragement or an inspiring pick me up, cause let’s face it dating is hard, finding someone who shares your love story…even harder. This is the perfect gift to remind us to never let our true desires for forever love go! More about that here.

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