4 Things to Travel the world with! 

4 Things to Travel the world with! 

These things have made my travels both comfortable and memorable!

Here are my 4 essential things to travel the world with.

1. Comfy Yet Presentable Pants

My harem Pants! I wear these pants far to often and they are my staples in my travel bag. I love how they fit like sweatpants but look more “citizen of the world”. They are elastic in the waist and a cool paisley print, and the red though not neutral goes with a lot of stuff! In some ways I think these pants feel like Pajama pants to me, and I love PJs. On long flights and excursions, these things are clutch!

2. Comfy Shoes

Crocks ROCK! That’s not debatable! When it comes to having comfy shoes for travel these are my go to! I have three pairs but lately have been crushing on this black pair as they are newer! They are easy to slide on and off when going through airport security. They also offer me much needed heal and arch support that keep my back from hurting after hours of walking and standing.


3. Cool Bracelets

You remember at summer camp how it was always fun to do swamps? You meet cool people and want to have something to remember them by OR you wanted to give them something to remember you by? Well bracelets are an easy way to always have something on hand. I’m really into loom bracelets right now. They are quick, easy, and inexpensive. They are extremely popular abroad similar to the U.S. So they are a good trade and significant “remember me” item. (they are great to have at music festivals, a conversation pieces for sure!)

4. Love

Having a healthy love of people and compassion can really open the world up before your eyes. Being willing to experience different customs and foods you’ll experience way more than you bargained for! Don’t be afraid to meet new people, walk around and explore. Stay aware of your surroundings and be street smart. Allow love to lead you enriching your journey one new experience at a time!


Always having these four things with me have given me stories of a lifetime and comfort to boot!

Do you have things that you never travel without? What are they?? Share in the comments!!

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