February is the Month that defines the rest of the year! It’s still early in the New Year to have the New Year Smell. It’s your second chance to make a 21 day habit that’ll get you closer to the life and goals you truly desire. Ladies and Gents it’s make it or brake it month - literally! So it’s only fitting that it’s also a month accentuated by love.

*Clears Throught* Speaking of Love! You know that Unbelievably Human goes ALL out for Valentines’ ALL OUT! This year we are joining forces with some of my favorite girls from my insta girl gang to give heartbeat to #weshareL💖VE. We are so excited about this initiative. I was inspired by my memories of classroom Valentines’. If you are not familiar with that concept it’s basically adapted from Elementary school, where you had to bring [or your parents where responsible for making sure ] Valentines’ for the whole class. I’m hopeful enough to think that we can inspire that sort of “all inclusive" Valentines’ giving this season!   

I personally love Valentines' Day it's my second favorite holiday! Much of this has to do with my mom who made Valentines’ a big deal in our home growing up! From the time I was in the 2nd grade I started receiving 1/2 a dozen roses with a card that said “You’ll always be my valentine, Love Mommy”. I’m up to a dozen now, each year the color of the rose have varied but always the note is the same. By brother would get a bouquet of balloons attached to massive candy or sports gear, like a football. This ALWAYS made us feel loved and special, walking through the halls or sitting on our desk for the whole day. When I got to college, my mom still sent valentines but would include all my friends for each year I was in college. I was essentially her Cupid, hitting people with her bow of goodies. I share this because early on we were taught that love wasn’t just romantic, but that love was inclusive.

I know that this is not the case for many people as suicide hotlines see a spike in calls leading up to Valentines' due to broken relationships, extreme feelings of loneliness,depression, or social isolation. Doctors report spikes in Broken hearts syndrome cases and a recent poll revealed one in ten millennial woman admitted to feeling lonely, insecure, depressed, or unwanted on Valentine’s Day.

Naturally Unbelievably Human wants everyone to feel loved, especially during Valentines’. This is the most earnest and genuine desire innate within all of us, to love, and to be loved. Newborn infants provided with the best nutrition, but aren’t given love and human touch, may perish. #Fact I always send and receive Valentines from family and friends and thought this year why not do this on a larger scale. "Classroom Valentine's" style.

Knowing you NEVER know what people are facing or how they are feeling. #weshareL💖VE is the classroom Valentines' this Holiday! For 14days leading up to and on Valentine's day it's all about encouraging greater love and compassion for others, coworkers,starbucks baristas, students, mailperson, homeless, loved ones, and ourselves. It's a hands on way to be a rainbow in someone else's clouds!  #weshareL💖VE is on a mission to make hearts sparkle and smiles gleam! Reminding us we are all different BUT we all share love, the common denominator.

See how to Join us by checking out my instagram here and sending a visual valentine FOR FREE HERE. You can send a minimum of 5 and max of 15! So go send someone a Valentines and just wait for all the happiness to over flow! And Be sure you check out this video below on how you can be apart of something uber special yourself!!!

Ok, so Obviously I am uber excited about this! So tell me how do you celebrate Valentines’ Day and can we convince you to look at it in a new and fun way?

Ps. One more thing before I go! This month will be separated into three series. Love for Self: Glow Up with Uh , Love for Other: Sharing the Glow Up, and Love for life : Glowing for Good

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