All Stars and Sunnies

All Stars and Sunnies

When I saw these sunnies I couldn’t pass them up. I have a thing for sunglasses. These where so cool, that I bought 3 pair, in different colors. I couldn’t wait to wear them! They just seemed so fun and so expressive!

The sunglasses reminded me, life in and of it’s self, is a reason to celebrate. You’re breathing- CELEBRATE! You’re Laughing - CELEBRATE! You’re crying - CELEBRATE! Celebrate because you are still alive.

Sunnies and Sunglasses

Looking for a party? Look inside! YOU, believe it or not, are the party! Go ahead honey, get glammed up, put on your festive sunnies and go have a life living spree! All you need are your sunnies, and an appetite for chance!


Take your phone and photograph things that inspire you. Those things that breath life into you! Don’t be afraid to be silly! See a tree house? Climb it!


See a swing- SWING! Your song comes on dance it out in the car or walking down the street! You’ve got your sunnies on and your All Stars on- You’re a rockstar, rocking out on life! Rock on!




Celebrate because you are still alive.

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