Beauty for Ashes: A Testament to Faith

When I stumbled upon the blog, Sabrina Faith, I couldn't stop reading it. Sabrina blogs mostly about beauty, but what drew me in was her inner beauty and strength. I saw it expressed through her post about her spinal cord injury, that happened in a car accident two years ago. It doesn't take long in reading her post to hear her heart and to see how she's taken life's ashes and made them beautiful!

I got to sit down with Sabrina and ask her how she did it! Here is what she had to say and share!


What's your definition of resilience? 

Remaining positive even in the worst of times. One of my favorite quotes is "There's beauty in sinking ships." (it's even tattooed on my arm!). I think that it's key to try and find the positive even in the darkest of times and there is always something to be thankful for.

I have learned that even though something may seem like it's the worst thing to happen to you, something great will come from it if you allow it too.

How do you commit to loving yourself each and everyday?

Loving yourself is a battle, I think that a lot of people can relate to that. There are days where I think I'm the coolest cat around and then there are days where that is the farthest thing from my mind. I think what really helps me learn to love myself is to really put my best foot forward. I feel the happiest when I put effort into my appreance and I get things done. I love marking things off of my to do list, so I just always try to set a small to do list for myself and I try to play with my makeup as often as I can.

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Sabrina, Can you tell us how your life is different now from two years ago?

Two years ago, I would have just been coming home from the hospital and I was super new to my injury. I lived with my mom + step dad and depended on them for a lot of things. Fast forward to today, I live on my own and I can't tell you how much joy that brings me. (Mom, if you're reading this- it isn't because I don't love you ahah) I feel like much more of a...human now that I have some sort of Independence back. Living on my own has really helped me in so many ways. I am also much more knowledgeable about my injury and I have a ton of freedom compared to two years ago.

How did you make your mind up about how you'd move forward? 

I don't think there was ever a time when I questioned how I would go on. I just knew I had to.

What gave you this perspective? 

I guess it also comes down to the fact that there is a lot of things I wish I could have done differently in my 19 years as a able bodied person and I don't want to look back on life and wish I would have had a better outlook or done something different. I don't want regrets and I know if I would have been more of a negative Nancy about the situation, I would have.


Was faith a factor? Was it ever shaken? or strengthened? 

Of course, faith has played such a huge role in my recovery. At first I depended heavily on Christ, because He was the only Truth I had. I was being told so many negative things by doctors and time after time I would tell my family "God is bigger than this." I trusted God and I knew He was going to provide for me no matter what. As time went on and things weren't changing, it became easier to "blame" God,  that I wasn't seeing the results I wanted and that I wasn't gaining much movement back. Each time I started to really feel down on myself and become angry with God, something would change. Rather it be that my foot would move or I'd get stronger spasms. It was all little victories and to me, it was God showing me I needed to keep being strong.

What's kept you going and do you ever have tough days? If so how do you refocus that energy? 

Of course I have bad days.. but they happen to everyone. I tried for so long to pretend that I didn't have bad days, that every thing was great and that I was the happiest I could be- but that ended badly for me. One night I had a talk with my sister and I just cried, like I was saying things but they weren't words because I was so upset. During that talk she told me something that I hold near and dear to me. She told me that it's okay to not always be strong, it's okay to cry and it's okay to be upset. You just can't let those things consume you. It isn't healthy to be sad all the time but it also isn't healthy to pretend you're happy all the time either. Bad days are normal. That piece of advice gets me through.

Did you loose friends as a result of your injury? How'd you deal with that? What did you take from it? How was your life enriched as a result?

Sadly, I have lost touch with a lot (the majority) of people I was close to before my accident. My injury made me grow up and made me have to make a lot of adult choices before I was really ready too. I don't want to say that I'm the most responsible person on the planet, because I'm not... BUT I had to put my young adult life on hold and focus 100% on recovery.

That means I wasn't going out on the weekends, I took time off from college and I moved away to focus on my recovery. Of course my feelings were hurt whenever I saw all the Facebook posts and Snapchat videos of people having fun while I was at home. I was angry at a lot of those people. This is also one of the things I'm most thankful for though, because it made me realize who was truly my friend and who truly loved me. It sucked knowing all my friends were going to concerts and having fun but I grew closer to my family and I made new friends. I'm at a point in my recovery now that I have the freedom to go out on the weekends and go to concerts and now I'm spending time with people who love me and want the best for me.

Can you explain the freedom and joy you feel in each of the following: make up, most recently photography, as well as being a youtuber and blogger. 

It's crazy how my hobbies have changed since my accident. I was never really that into makeup before but I found out I can express myself through it and it became a fun thing to do while I was at home all day. I would watch YouTube videos and recreate the looks. I had fun and kept myself entertained.

I actually started my YouTube because I watched a TON of YouTube videos from other Spinal Cord Injury patients and I wanted to share my story. Watching videos of others who were in my situation really helped me and I knew I wanted to help others, too. After making videos on my progress, I found the beauty community on YouTube and fell in love with it.

 Hear Sabrina Faith's Story below

I've had a blog since I was in high school and it became a way to cope with everything. I could write down my feelings and share my story.. even to this day I go back and read things I posted whenever I was newly injured and it really snaps me back into place. I am thankful I wrote down the words I did, not only for others but for myself. I've also been taking photos for a while too. I took time off while I recovered but spent time teaching myself new things and it also became a fun hobby to do whenever I was bored at home.

What/ Who Inspires You?

I get inspired by a lot of people and a lot of things. A few people that inspire me are my sister, my friends (M, V, T + Brittney). I also get inspired by music. A few of my favorites would be A Day To Remember, The Dangerous Summer and The Lumineers. 

Thank you Sabrina for sharing your story and showing us what it truly mean to be Unbelievably Human! You rock girl! Here are some other places to catch up with Sabrina : on instagram ; on twitter ; on Facebook  ; onYouTube . I truly think that this girl is super awesome and so glad to have met hear and to follow her journey! Sabrina just gives me courage to know that no matter what I've gone through and am going through, there is power in sharing and expressing and opening your heart! Love you girl!

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