Me, You, + Bali

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I talked my sister into taking “Sister Vacation” international,and to Bali. Initially she wasn’t really into it. Later she told me she couldn’t ignore how I lit up, like a lantern, just around the thought. It felt Great to be embracing life again!

Traveling is my jam! I especially love traveling abroad. From the moment my foot hits the entry way of the plane and the time begins to lapse in the air, I am in heaven! I go from everyday life that I know to life unknown and everyday becomes an adventure. From the time my feet hit foreign soil, I am one with the universe. I’m totally aware of my instincts and my inner voice is the only voice I hear. It’s such a transcending experience for me, it’s like wanderlust is a drug, that totally alters my state of being! So yea I light up like a lantern LOL!


What made this trip especially special for me was sharing one of the things that I truly love in this world with my sister! As much as I travel I often times go alone or meet someone in country. It’s rare that I get to take a trip with someone I love and share my euphoria. She (my sister) was shy about it at first, extremely nervous about the unknown but she decided to be open and free. It was awesome we totally got to vibe and trust each other. She willingly deferred to me. I am sure we can all agree this is uber hard for big sisters.


Honestly, I think that this trip not only brought us closer as sisters but created a bond of friendship between us. We came back with inside jokes, code words, and stitches from all our laughter! This experience was so special and fantastic, I know that it will totally leave an imprint on our hearts forever! Over the next few days I’ll share with you our adventures, shopping, the culture, and our villa!

Below are pictures from our first day in Bali. We spent it on echo beach and watched the sunset.


💖, Liv

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photo credits: me

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