Me, You, Bali + Shopping

No girls trip happens without SHOPPING! I usually can not keep up with my sister when comes to shopping! That’s her JAM, for sure! But oooohhhhh how surprised was she when I was not only keeping up but totally engaged.


It just so happens shopping abroad is my number one favorite activity! I love to barter with merchants, explore the shops, the grocery stores and EVEN the bookstores!

Bali shopping was no different! There is always sssooo many unique things to buy and see! I’m like a kid in a candy store. Me and my sister, though, man, we where two gingerbread girls in Candy Land!


Oh, did this make for a great time! We literally shopped until we dropped! We found this cute restaurant tucked away behind the store fronts. Only spotting it by chance, through the clear exit door at the back of a store! We went with it and had one of the best lunches we had there! Take a look at our Candy Land!!


Click on any of the photos below to see the photo larger!


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