Me, You, Bali + Villa

If we were honest with ourselves and we are! We could have totally stayed another week in Bali and given ourselves over completely to relaxation. Spending the time truly taking in this beautiful villa.


One of my close friends, who vacations in Bali often,helped us find accommodations and set things up! I am so glad, she did! We walked into the place she picked for us, and knew this sister vacation was going to be amazing!


We were greeted by the villa staff on arrival. Our villa had two bedrooms with an open house floor plan. Meaning each area of the house, bedrooms, kitchen and living room had a ceiling but the villa overall didn’t have a roof! Walking out of any β€œroom” meant you could look up and see the sky. Seriously just amazing.


The coolest part was we didn’t have to leave the villa for anything. Customized meals were included and prepared for us, a driver and spa services came to the villa. No added stress to figure these things out. It was all taken care of. Every morning we awakened to tea on the patio, taking in the beauty that surrounded us. Being stress free, allowed us to focus on what we wanted to do and see.


The dollar went far in Bali. Spa services that would normally cost $60.00 to $100.00 an hour cost about $20.00 to $40.00. Curiosity got the best of us and we even tried a V spa, all of this without ever leaving the villa! Memories and adventures like these really made our time together priceless.



P.S. Click on any of the photos below to see them larger!

photo credits: me and my sister :)


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