My Life in DIY: Decoupage

What to do with the pieces? 

 Decoupage! Deco-WHAT!

Expression is kinda my thang! So when i feel stuff I create stuff. A while back i was feeling like my life was falling to pieces. Literal jagged little pieces! I wasn’t sure what to do with all that I felt for various reasons. Ever feel like life is betraying you, or laughing at you, as opposed to with you? You just want to sit in the floor and cry and hope when you get up it’s all better?

Well that’s kinda what I did with this project. I got this vision for a work desk in my new room and wanted it to be something that inspired me and represented to me that even though right now, in this moment, my life didn’t look how I wanted or imagined it would that there was still beauty in my story and my tattered and albeit shattered spirit.

So I bought the prettiest scrapbook paper that resonated with me and some typography stickers that resonated with me and I began to cut and tear. I tore the pieces with no real intentionality. Just ripped and tore, breathed and cried, mixed and matched, placed and pasted.

As I did this it looked like a total and complete mess. I’d just bought with no plan, tore with no strategy and pasted and sealed with no true understanding of what my next move should be.

I kept at it though. I acknowledged that it looked a mess but I just kept going. I kept pasting and placing, because there is sooo much freedom in art, in creating. That you never mess up, unless you give up! Unless you stop mid stroke, mid creation and just give up! Never giving the creation a chance to become.

In many ways this desk was a reflection of aspirations, hopes, and an idealistic way of looking at the world that had kept me fearless, hopeful, and courageous. But most importantly protected from a world that can be so cold and grey.

As I sat there mixing these paper pieces that had taken on greater meaning to me I just let my being lead me and came out with this! I love it! It showed me that even though my rose colored glasses may have shattered I now have kaleidoscope* glasses in their place. Glasses that allow me to see the beautiful possibility, in almost everything! With out these new glasses I’d be stuck in a rut! But with them I find the freedom to continue to create life!

Kaledscope to be creative means to be in love with life.
Kaledscope to be creative means to be in love with life.

Have you ever decoupaged? If you make something share it with me and tell me what it inspired!!! Tap the photos below to get a larger view of the desk!

Here's what you'll need and do:

What you’ll need: Materials Modge Podge Any kind of furniture Sponge Brush Any kind of paper (Joann’s had a sale on scrapbook paper so I got these for .20 cents or so each, I got sparkle cause I can’t live without and sunflowers cause they chase light!)


  • Wipe down your piece of furniture and make sure it’s clean.
  • Tear your paper into the pieces or shapes that you would like to have.
  • Set them aside
  • I mapped out my initial pieces by placing them specifically before I put Modge Podge on my piece of furniture. 
  • Once you’re comfortable dip your brush in the Modge Podge and apply it to the furniture and places your paper pieces on top. 
  • Do this until you’ve covered the area that you want to cover. Let it dry a bit and go over the top with Modge Podge. By doing this, you are sealing your creation and making it durable as well as water proof.
  • Make sure everything it how you want it and let dry.
  • once it’s dry you’ll have a spiffy new piece of furniture to complement your space.
  • Note: I did decoupage a whole piece of paper to the desk i used with out tearing it using the same 
  •  steps as above.



*A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off of the mirrors.

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