Dreamer Dreams #UHMoodRing

I can't describe it as well as I feel it but sometimes I feel nervousness about being who I know that I am inside. Have you ever felt that way? Like nervous to do the things that inspire you full out, but at the same time you're restless on the sidelines. As summer winds down, I can't help but be reflective heading into fall and the reality of the year coming quickly to a close. It makes me think how has the summer changed me and quickly I reflect on my summer to do list.  

With 6 days of summer left I francticly want to make sure that I get the list done. Some of the things I'll have to let go of, like the summer fling. I mean, I tried, but I just didn't find that temporary summer romance- not the kind that good stories are told about! 

But there are other things like learning how to contour, highlight, draw brows, and put on eyelashes! I've certainly had fun buying all the supplies and becoming more and more comfortable with playing and practicing. And honestly I think that's how we become who we are truly meant to be. I'm thinking it's doing what makes us nervous over and over again till it becomes comfortable that we live into those inspirations and ideals that we have for ourselves.

So I'm committing to putting aside the things that make me question being my most authentic self and truest form of myself in this world. Why should I be nervous to be my truest self? What stops us from living as our most desired selves? I'm not sure but I've been pushing myself and I can't wait to share with you what confronting my own nervousness is producing!

Have you ever felt this nervousness?  Hope you enjoy this look, I did the editing on these photos even though I was so nervous that I might screw it up and it wouldn't be like what I envisioned! I feel so much more empowered to keep going and keep trying! *dancing girl emoji*

As Always you are Unbelievably Human so be Unbelievably YOU,  


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