Fluttering Wings Ascending

Fluttering Wings Ascending
This Pucker Purse is a  DIY Find it here

This Pucker Purse is a DIY Find it here

I’m really into Project Runway, this season is especially a good one! I haven’t declared a favorite yet just really starting to see what the designers are made of. In the Project Runway  Haute Tech Couture episode I found myself rooting for Ashley Nell Tipton. 

It’s plain to see that with in Ashley is this beautiful butterfly designer that wants to break free but really struggles to fly free and confidently. I can’t wait to see the other episodes and see how she brakes free. 

Watching the episode I could totally relate to what Ashley said about wanting to “Brake out of that shell and just be you.” Feeling like you’re still finding yourself and doing so after having struggled and over come so much. 

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On her Instagram @ashley_nell_tipton, she shares reflections of the episodes including when it's  tough to watch. I get it, it's tough seeing yourself vulnerable and on national TV, Sheesh. The thing is looking at Ashley you can see that she really does have a lot inside of her that needs and wants to brake free. I’m so glad that she even pushed herself to try out and then make it on Project Runway! What a stage to share yourself on and see what you’re made of. 

It’s funny how high stakes can make us rise to the occasion, and how courageous we are to even dare to put ourselves out there. Considering not only do we have to battle with the outside voices at times but we have to silence the loudest voices inside ourselves.

I’m currently in route of my own journey to myself. I feel as though I keep hearing this message and seeing examples of people breaking out of their shells. Glad I’m in good company! Have you ever felt this way?

As Always you are Unbelievably Human, So be Unbelievably You! 



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