Giggle,Giggle - Higgle??

Giggle,Giggle - Higgle??

Have you heard about Higgle?

I want this bag!


My recent travel has made me painfully aware that I need a better way to consolidate and carry all my creative gadgets and hassle free. This bag, The Boa flow laptop backpack, can fit my  laptop, camera, and  large headphones, plus all accessories. The only thing it doesn’t do, is have a space for carrying my tripod! But I mean for what it does carry, not a deal breaker.

The only thing about this bag that isn’t so great is the price. $225.00!!! As much as I want what it can do for me, travel wise , I don’t want to pay that price.

Enter Higgle!

This is a new social online market place that allows you to barter with the merchants of the things listed on the site. You get the price you offer, by getting your friends to agree to pay the same price for an item that you have picked out.

So I can name my own price. Share my higgles with people, categories, and groups, I follow, all to get the best price on the item I’ve chosen to buy.

I signed up with Higgle, and put on offer in on this bag. I offered $135.00 for the bag as that was the lowest the system would allow. The lower my bid the more people I need to agree to want to buy this bag too.


The Upside

The upside is that I can share info about this item on my Facebook, Twitter, and with anyone who has a higgle. I can share automatically from the site, which makes it simple.

The Downside

The downside is that I need 7 people to join my higgle (which is my “bid’’), in three days, in order to get the bag for the price I offered. So, seven people have to be in the market for a new backpack and ready to pay the price I offered for the merchant excepts the bid. So promoting your post socially is imperative!

A lot of Ifs 

But they are super clear!

If I don’t get the needed number of people to join my higgle; the merchant can counter offer me. I have within 24hrs to respond, to the counter offer.

If I don’t want it at the counter price I don’t have to pay.

If I don’t respond to the counter offer within 24hours, I’m charged the counter price.

If I do when win my bid price, I’m billed automatically. By placing the offer on the merchandise and entering your credit card information you authorize payment under all these "Ifs" [guidelines].

It’s also the same for anyone who joins  your higgle. They get a counter offers and get the same amount of time to respond and authorize the same payment guidelines.

Higgle had the kinda bag I wanted! I browsed their other categories and they had a lot of interesting things but you aren’t overwhelmed by merchandise. Instead you’re presented with well crafted things that will remind you of shopping in a high end boutique.



It’s an interesting concept!

Let me know what you think!!! Really, I'm interested to know. Go over to and sign up to view their inventory, follow groups that are already set up and maybe even start your own higgle.

If you try this or have already heard of it let me know in the comments what your experience was. How did you pub your item? was it successful?

If you haven't heard of it try it out and let me know what your strategy would be to win what you wanted for the price you wanted. I think that I need some help to be creative about it!

Oh! one more thing!

Right now they have a promotion going. Any higgle that is “won” or “counteroffer accepted” through September 30, will receive an additional 10% off the final purchase price (credited after sale).

Which means if you get your bid accepted you'll get an extra discount on the amount you offered to pay!

Ok! that's it let me know what you think!!


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