Glow Up with Me!

I am completely of the mind that February is the new January, that being the case I totally used January as my opportunity to get it together for February. Though I don’t have a list of goals/ resolutions that I am going to pour out here. I do have one! To Glow Up! My one and only goal in 2016 is to Glow Up. That’s it.

Defined: Glow Up is to go from the bottom to the top, to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation. (

This is my one and only goal/resolution for 2016. In some ways it feels more like a mission.Something that I must do. I’ve been through quite a bit in the last couple of years and really am looking forward to transforming my life to look like my new learnings, new point of view, and new perspective towards life and how I see myself.

See, lately, I have been feeling like a lot of the things in my life are stale, and I’m not a friend to complacency. I’ve been thinking about how I can freshen and change things up, and braking it into parts I’ve taking my one goal/resolution of the new year and made it several and will make it a series here on my blog as I work through and accomplish the different “Glow up” in each area. I’ll share with you a step by step how to for all that I am getting done and in some areas overcoming.  

The first thing that I started with was getting organized, and cleaning out clutter. I know that for a lot of people “spring” cleaning is saved for the spring but for me it couldn’t wait. I felt crowded by my surroundings Be it by old memories or actual stuff, it seemed to be draining my energy and effecting my outlook.

So the first thing that I did was get rid of everything that was either 1.) Old2.) I was over 3.) held a memory that I no longer wanted to be reminded of. I went through everything that I owned asking these questions. This took me about 2 weeks and then I organized the remaining things in their proper places; similar to the KonMari Method explained here in more detail. I kept the things that brought me joy and let go of the things that didn’t.

It felt soo good taking soo many bags to the Goodwill even some furniture. What felt better than anticipated was letting things go simply for the memory that they held. The amount of space that I recovered both physically and emotionally was worth the work of decluttering and reorganizing. It was something that I was avoiding or feeling taxed about but when I told myself that this was a one and done thing for 2016, i got through it and now feel great about taking this first step.

Clearing these cob webs have made space in my mind to organize the other things in my life that I want to make time for, like learning new skills, content planning, and creating. It’s also helped me to have a clearer picture of how I wanted to move forward, based on what I kept and what I gave away.

This was just the beginning in the coming weeks I’ll walk you through a how to Glow up series that will not only help me but also help you experience an incredible transformation, from the bottomof where you are feeling right now- to the top. I know that this wont be easy or simple but I am determined to see my life change this year no matter what. I really want to attract into my lifethe things that I want and release the things that aren't working for me, and inevitably bring me to a place where I embrace me, and see the life I desire reflected back at me.
What are your goals/ resolutions this year? Do you feel stuck or dusty? If not now have you ever? what have you done to really change your life? Share with me in the comments below I love phoenix stories!

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