Goal setting and Over coming

Goal setting and Over coming
weekly wishes

Do you remember Slinkies? Someone gave me one the other day and it brought back such great memories! I think I played with it for an hour! I'm a peter pan, I am! and I am a O.K. with that; being apart of the Disney generation and all! I also remember the fearlessness of childhood, the almost reckless abandonment! But I digress.

I'm a pretty goal oriented and process driven person who likes to see progress! I'm also a creative who at one time has a million things going on in my mind and can't wait to make and create! This week though especially after reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and some encouragement from The Nectar Collective, I wanted to share with you some of my top goals or challenges that I hope to achieve and/or at the very least make progress on. I've also been doing this with one of my friends. We check in monthly just to make sure we are blowing past any self imposed barriers that may be holding back our inner magic from being released! I'd be happy to checkin with you to! Just let me know! I'm known as quite the inspirer LOL.

This week I am focusing on:

1. Posting everyday....YIKES! To write that here is frightful! Cause I commit to commitments! Nonetheless that's been a challenge for me and not because I haven't had content but well because I have had timid notions that I plan to put to bed this week! Tapping into those childhood feelings of invincibility I talked about earlier!(ps. Keep me honest)

2. Love notes! These are my version of thank you cards(more like giving a bouquet of flowers) but I call them love notes because whenever i say thank you I basically pour my heart out in gratitude to the way someone has touched my life and made it better! I have Two that I need to get done and one of those needs to be put in the mailbox! #foreverstamps

3. I also am terribly excited about two offline projects that I need to dedicate moretime to as they have been a minute in the making. If you come round here often (lol) you know exactly what I'm talking about! I've been promising soon and it's almost here so I need to make sure I've done the work! I can't wait to share it with you! LITERALLY!!

4. This one, like most anyone, is to commit to a fitness regiment. Back in the "my life is falling to pieces days" I gained a lot of weight, cause food was oh so comforting, and well still is! But I want to make sure that,fitness wise, I'm keeping up with the healthy lifestyle I live other wise. No one commits to natural deodorant for overall health and then doesn't commit to a gym! RIGHT?! (yup I wear natural deodorant and yes the struggle is real! But I'll share that journey later)

5. Last one, I am focusing on all things newsletter!!! If you have not signed up, stop reading this and scroll to the bottom of this post and go for it! Cause there are good things A COMING and you won't want to miss what I have to EXPRESS. Trust me! You'll feel Unbelievably Human with each Expression shared, so really scroll down and subscribe! You'll keep me motivated towards my goals! Also if you have a friend that could use a rainbow in their clouds SHARE the sign up link and get them connected to this space! In this case, sharing is indeed caring :D

That's what I'm focusing on this week! What are you focusing on? Do you have one or two goals or a challenge that you are hoping to give some gusto to? Express your Unbelievably Human goals or challenges in the comments below!  Together, we can achieve and make progress!! YES. WE. CAN!



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