Weekly Wishes : Goals and Overcoming 3

Weekly Wishes : Goals and Overcoming 3

I try to do weekly wishes (goals) every week but I don't always get around to it based on what's going on! So today when I sat down to write out my wishes I was surprised to find that I have the same wishes from two weeks ago! Honestly, I'm ok with the fact that I didn't accomplish these goals the week I committed to them. I know mentally that they where still on my mind, but life has away of bombarding you with the other things. [must stay focused!]

I missed a whole week of blogging last week! I missed it, literally too! The exciting part of that is...  WE MOVED to a new home that is just fantastic. But with the move comes the setup and unpacking. So needless to say my week became consumed in that.

I love interior design and decorating and am EXTREMELY excited about sharing with you all that I do, redo,buy, and make new for this new place. I totally have a vision for it to feel grand but homey!

So I am only going to add one new thing to this list and I'm numbering it "0." cause technically we are still at zero living out of boxes and all!

Goals from 2 weeks ago:

0. Since we are still getting unpacked and settled in out new place, I'm adding to these goals, this one thing! Get settled and have fun finding pieces to make the new place feel like home! Share the pins and inspiration boards on the site! As well as progress as everything comes together!

1. Create a WRITTEN content calendar! I have one in my head, but I'd be great to get it on paper! I got this one partially complete not totally! Got lots of great advice in the comment section about this one and I plan to put some of those plans in action!

2. Make the most of each day! I kinda feel like there is a lot going on in my life right now and I am trying to get a lot of things done but I want to make sure that each day is the life that I've imagined for myself. It's so easy to just get in a groove around what you usually do that you stop adding to the story of your life. There is so much happening in my city that I have to make a point of getting out and enjoying it more! I've decided to right a list of the things that I want to see more in my life day to day just to make sure that I'm making the most of it! I'll let you know how it goes!

3. Finish a book before the end of the month! I have 4 books on my reading list and haven't finished one yet. I'm hoping I can do so by developing a reading plan!

4. I started a class 2 weeks ago that I am hoping will take me closer to my goals as an entrepreneur. This week I need to sit down and create a plan of attack around that to make sure that I get the out come that I want!

5. Last One ... I want to start a routine of meditation/affirmations/journaling at some point in the day so that I can really live out the core of who I am by being clear on the desires that I have for life!

That's what I'm focusing on this week! What are you focusing on? Do you have one or two goals or a challenge that you are hoping to give some gusto to? Express your Unbelievably Human goals or challenges in the comments below!  Together, we can achieve and make progress!! YES. WE. CAN!



ps. thanks wishers for the motivation to keep wishing!

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