Heart of Expression [Blog Tour]

Liv1When I fall for blogs, I fall hard! One of the blogs that I ♥, is my friend Louisa's over at The Life Observed. I met Louisa, who now lives in New York on the Upper Eastside, at Nashville Fashion Week and we became fast blogger friends #IRL! I truly LOVE Louisa's blog and staring at her beautiful photography and reading about the way that she observes life, people, and experiences. So when she asked me to be apart of the blog tour that she's was doing I accepted hands down! I liked the idea! It reminded me of a tour of homes. So I'll open the doors of my UH!? Home to you and share with you, and later share two other bloggers who's home I enjoy visiting!


Thanks Louisa for this opportunity!!! If I didn't say it clearly before GO FALL In LOVE with This Sweetheart over at her home on the web, The Life Observed!


Now "Come on In" let's start the Tour!


What are you working on? 

Right now we are in pre-production for UH the webseries! Which honestly has been in the makings for a minute but I am glad that we'll begin taping soon. That's always been my true vision for Unbelievably Human.

I am also working on a really cool collaboration with some amazing and fun ladies  that'll be shared in september in honor of Suicide Awareness and Prevention month.


How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

My work differs from others because it's not what meets the eye. I am always trying to incorporate four elements to my post: 1. Lots of He[ART]™ (read love) 2. Expression through an art form. 3. Encouragement 4. Love for either self, others, and life!

For example: I share my personal story (writing), My fashion looks (my self expression of acceptance), My Art & Craft (my own coping outlet), and My adventures in life and travel (my energizing places.)

I'm confronting tough issues and doing so with the four elements above and that makes me different.  You get fashion, creativity, and  Life with a side of ♥heart♥!


Why do I write/create what I do?

This one thing I'm clear on. I write/create in an effort to share stories, tell stories and to show the human experience is universal. I want to spread a message of love. I want people to know that we all go through tough times in life but we can live through them and be better, happy, and whole. We don't always have the coping skills in our twenties and probably even early thirties that could help us survive the aftershocks of life. I show ways to cope and express what you feel, that are unconventional but nonetheless healthy.  The only way I know how to show that beauty comes from ashes is to share the stories where this has happened and do that through expressions of art and creativity.


How does your writing process work?

For me this is more of a creative process. I'm a storyteller by default! I'm always creating and expressing! Whether it's  making things with my hands like arts and crafts. Expressing myself through fashion and style, gaining perspective through the lens of my camera, and listening to the beautiful stories told to me by people or music. In everything I'm constantly recording, and reflecting.

So right now the blog is a reflection of the things that touched my heart, that are the essence of feelings expressed through art, and the things that rocked my world.

It's so much at times, I fall behind, but for right now it's my work in process "process".


Thank you for stopping by!! Next up on the blog tour:


Bethany or Bet of 20 Something + is a blogger I met on Instagram, under the #blogger! We became instant BBFFs!! (lol) I just loved her pictures and clicked through and found her home on the internet and have been visiting her ever since. I really enjoy her blog and fun personality! We have a lot of the same obsessions makeup wise and clothes wise so I always enjoy seeing what she's got in the mail. A bit of a product and life junkie, Bethany is also really lucky as she wins a lot of contest and host a few herself. Go visit my blogging BBFF at 20 Something + and prepare for your face to hurt because you won't stop smiling, as you read all about her latest escapes and obsessions!


LaTisha of Blushing Black! I’ve shared about LaTisha before here but I am always excited about the things that she’s doing!!! One of the latest things that she’s taken up is photography and has studied and assisted on major shoots with skilled professional photographers. Latisha is always trying new things and was the person who put me on sugaring over and against Brazilian waxing! If you have no clue what the difference is head over to Blushing Black because she brakes is down ladies! Her images will also capture you as her love of Fashion shines through!

I am a love in action advocate and renaissance woman! If you haven't already check out my store! Our LOVE Boxes, and other cute accessories! You can here! Check out our Unbelievably Human YOUTUBE channel and let's be social!