Heart to heART with Fisayo of Love Oh Lou

Heart to heART with Fisayo of Love Oh Lou

Hi Lovers!

One of my joys here on Unbelievably Human is meeting and sharing the stories of amazing artist using their art in ways that truly represent inspiring heART! The artist and social entrepreneur that I am sharing with you today is a lovely soul that I met on Instagram! Fisayo or as I met here @loveohlou. She is the creator behind Oh Lou Silver Spoon Initiative. "Buy an accessory, give a necessity. This simple message is more than a catchy phrase. At Oh Lou, my desire is to create exquisite  accessories  that not only enhance external beauty but encourage internal beauty by satisfying the needs of members in our community [1 in 5 children struggles with hunger in America]." Says Fisayo.

I couldn't wait to learn more about her whimsical, imaginative, cupcake loving, confetti heart, to share with you! I have to admit that I love that her art always uses an unconventional medium (like barbie shoes), that I look forward to seeing! Here is what she shared!

How do you express yourself daily?

I almost always have a bow in my hair! It's my signature. I love making bows (especially confetti bows) because they're whimsical and remind me of the beauty of childhood imagination. Creating fashion accessories my favorite form of art.

How did art come into your life?

I've always been a creative individual so I don't know exactly how art came into my life! I remember my mom told me that when I was about 5 years old she could never leave me with scissors, tape, and construction paper because she knew that I would create a mess! (It was a masterpiece in my mind!)

What is your favorite tool/supply that you use?

I love manipulating textiles and texture in my art. I love unconventional mediums.

When you're creating what is your environment like? Any special music or drink?

Typically my environment is an organized mess! I love sitting on the floor listening to music and surrounding myself with various mixed media elements.

What did it take to convince you, you were an artist?

Nothing! I believe that God places certain gifts in each individual for a reason. For me, I knew that I had a passion for art. I was always the kid with the most extravagant project. It wasn't because I was trying to outshine others, I just love being able to express myself creatively and pushing myself to fulfill my potential. When I realized that I had the gift of creativity, I decided to commit myself to getting better.


What shifted for you to take your art to the next level?

In my junior year of high school, I participated in an intensive three week portfolio institute at a local community college's school of art and design. I LOVED being in an environment that challenged me to grow as an artist and valued art as more than a hobby.

What's your inspiration? How do you feed/care for your artist?

My inspiration comes from color, glitter, and fellow visionaries. When I notice that my skills are more developed in one area than another, I strive to get out of my creative comfort zone.

How did creative expression help you through a challenging time in your life?

Art always has a way of validating my purpose on this earth. The creative process allows me to sift through my emotions and create something worthwhile.

What's the relationship with art to your day job? What do you tell people you do?

The cool thing about fashion is that you can speak without saying a word! Most people know me for my bows so many people know that I'm a creative individual who makes confetti bows!

How did your art help you with your love for 1. Self, 2. Others, 3. Life?

When I create, I am at one with the Creator and He helps me see that life is not simply about me. I've discovered that self-love comes from recognizing that your value isn't placed in achievements or failures. Not every sketch turns out amazing but it's about persevering in the process. It's about believing that what you have to offer the world is important. When you value yourself, you will be able to respect and love others in a similar manner that makes the world a brighter place.

Has your art called you to at different way of living and seeing the world? If so how?

Art has taught me that each person has their own way of doing things and that's perfectly fine. You can agree to disagree without disrespecting the process. We all have our own unique journey but at the end of the day I believe that we want to create a life that leaves a positive legacy.

Has art been a form of creative therapy for you?


Fisayo, truly wears her heart on her sleeve and isn't afraid to express herself and celebrate others and that makes her so beautifully Unbelievably Human! I must also say that in a world of #girlbosses Fisayo, has been such an encouragement to me and gives the best gifts of words and art expression. Check out her bows here to help with the Silver Spoon Initiative. and follow her on instagram @loveohlou!

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