Monday Vibes Hope Hills

Monday Vibes  Hope Hills

Hi Lovers,

I'm finding myself in the weeds today. There is a lot that's blossoming in my life and lots to be inspired and excited about but today and yesterday, I found myself in the weeds of the blossoms. It's tough. On one hand I'd like to be oblivious to the weeds and just focus on the beautiful blooming flowers but honestly, I'm to honest with myself for that.

Creating has always been my therapy. This weekend I made so many things that I look forward to sharing in coming post. Creating is like my good vibes potion. It reminds me, good ideas are always initially messy, sometimes scary and often times fragile. As a creative + maker, I experience this reality both in my hands and in my mind. It's up to me to handle the ideas with care and see it become a thing of beauty. It also reminds me that what I have in my hands,heart and head are what i can use to make a thing of my own. That's what makes artist, artist, they are able to make anything their own.

And so it is with the weeds of life, those things that threaten to take away from the beauty of what I am experiencing and seeing; that I must decide how I will continue in spite of the weeds amongst my blossoms. The one bad day amongst a month of good days. The one challenge in the face of easy breezy. The one set back in the face of 10 set ups. The one hill of hope we must climb in spite of the lengthy trail of despair. This song was soothing to me this Monday, it put my feelings in to beauty! It really characterized the reality of anyone following their heart!


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