#MakeBelieveInYOU Transform Your 2016

It’s what happens at the stroke of midnight each year as the old year magically becomes The NEW YEAR. Confetti is cast high, like a spell, our faces rising to watch it’s descent as pixie dust, sweeping over us . Magically, this pixie dust fills us with, restored hope, re-commitment, and aspirations. Giving us a definitive line in the sand to turn our pumpkins of last year, into beautiful carriages of our truest desires and biggest wishes - promised to be realized.

It is 2 months into a New Year.....Lovers, I’m in need of some wonder! Maybe you’re here to? Maybe you’re feeling like next month will be what January and February weren’t. Like this is the month that finally changes your story, you accomplish one goal, one resolution, or just stick to the diet and work out plan, you gallantly set for yourself.


So In the month of March I want us to be accomplices, remember Cinderella had the mice, Snow White had the Seven Dwarfs, and Simba had Timon and Pumbaa, triumphing and inspiring each other over the complications, conundrums, and adversaries to realizing our desires and wishes for this year.

I want you to join me in #MakeBelieveInYOU a virtual ball. Like almost every great fairy tale, there is always a ball or celebration of some sort, and EVERYONE is invited. So summon your inner princess, prince, unicorn, fairy, mermaid and awaken your imagination to #MakeBelieveInYou to discover your own magical ability to magical transform what ever you put your heart and mind too.

Through the daily prompts, we’re going to rediscover the power of the imagination! Your imagination is the strongest part of your brain. We can use our imagination as a tool to change our lives—a process understood through advances in neurosciences. Fear, anxiety, anger, happiness, stress and even lust are all activated and strengthened by your imagination. For the next 31 days let’s rediscover wonder and whimsy, improving our lives by exercising our imagination, reawakening in us, the innocence that gave us impossible hopes that make impossible things happen everyday! It may seem impossible, but by strengthening your imagination, you are retraining your mind to think resourcefully and creatively in approaching obstacles and opportunities in your life!

Post the prompt image below via your social media of choice (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) using the #MakeBelieveInYou, letting me know I'll See Ya at the Ball!

Save this to your phone our desktop to have easy access to the prompts to post on Social Media

Save this to your phone our desktop to have easy access to the prompts to post on Social Media

  1. Under the Sea Wanting what seems greener can make us under appreciate what we have. What’s this thing for you? By sharing it what have you realized? Show case it in a cool way. using photography (iphone/camera), drawing a doodle, clay, painting or really descriptive writing.
  2. Thought Experiments If you could fly how often would you walk? and thinking about your favorite shoes share what your wings would look like or how you’d fly. Do your best it doesn’t have to be perfect or literal.
  3. Be Our Guest Imagine the world had no strangers and instead guest. Treat someone you don’t know to coffee, anonymously. In a coffee shop, have it sent over to them or in a drive through pay for the person behind you.
  4. Confetti/Glitter use one of these to spell out something that stressed you today
  5. You Can Fly  Peter Pan Convinced his friends they could fly by thinking Happy Thoughts. Show Off something or someone that puts a smile in your thoughts.
  6. Play when was the last time you played Uno, blew bubbles, hopscotch, SOS or Tic Tac Toe?  Do your favorite play and share a picture or doodle of it!
  7. To Be King Imagine your in the spotlight for something that your dreaming of achieving. what are you wearing? what’s on the left and right of you? what are you free of because of the spotlight?
  8. Write Time for an outer Body experience! Get a piece of stationary and an envelope and write yourself a letter. Put it in the envelope and seal it. open it at the end of the 31 days. Share some process of this activity!
  9. Super/cali/fragil/istic/expiali/docious (say it loud enough you’ll sound procasitious) Create a word and definition. It can be 3 letters or more. use a pen, foam letters, blocks, sharpies, graphite, calligraphy, glitter, sequins. or glue to share your word. no pressure to share it’s meaning.
  10. Bubbles The dollar tree sells bubbles for a dollar. Go get some and blow bubbles like no tomorrow. Also if bubbles where editable what would they taste like? would they be chewy? Share your fun!
  11. Cruella De Vil What scares you or gives you a chill? Real or imagined show it! Given the proper context, can you find humor in this?
  12. Emojis Using what you have lying around at home (Can’t buy anything) create a version of your favorite emoji!
  13. Hakuma Matata Favorite Past Time or Carefree Philosophy as a child
  14. Collection Sometimes this is just something that you have a lot of. Go gather it and share it in an interesting way!
  15. Once Upon a Dream There is nothing more splendid than the dreams we hold onto; Dream Vacation, Dream Cars, Dream Lifestyle, Dream talent. Share an Element of your dream.
  16. Make something using paper clips
  17. The Bare Necessities What are your Bare Necessities that make you rest at ease?
  18. Pick One thing that is orange, yellow,green,blue,purple,pink,red and take a square picture of it. what do these things have in common?
  19. Chip & Mrs. Potts Go people watch in a coffee shop or park, observe 5 things about 3 people, share your experience in an interesting way.
  20. Read This is a composition exercise share what your reading in a visually interesting way. If you need to use props that’s fine.
  21. Mirror Mirror on the Wall Show us the age you really feel inside. Be creative. You can use your fingers, candles, magnetic numbers, crayons, markers, candy, eat just share.
  22. Color If your favorite color could talk how would it describe it’s personality? Using that color write the words that the color tells you is it’s descriptors.
  23. Reflection Mulan wanted to know when would her reflection show who she was inside. What do you hope to see in your reflection? You could show this through a rearview mirror, a full length mirror and by nor showing your face or reflection at all. what ever the case capture the hope and share a photo of it!
  24. Create a Cloud Using something white create a cloudYou are welcome to use tonights mashed potatoes, q-tips, or even glue but it has to be white. Sorry to box you in but go with it!
  25. Freaky Friday basically opposites day! Share something that is 10 -20 years opposite your age. This can be ANYTHING including a teething ring or dentures.
  26. A Whole New World Go to the free day at the museum this month [or just pay]. While there look for art that conveys happiness, sadness, and business. This can be literal or abstract just look for the one that resonates with you.
  27. Relax In your home/life create a space to relax. Maybe it’s the bath, lighting a candle and soft music, maybe it’s netflix and ice cream, brunch with friends or even swinging in a park.
  28. All the Colors of the Wind Explore take a long walk and as your walking notice where and how many times you see the color yellow.
  29. Toy Story Give an inanimate object a name and a backstory (what does this object do when no one is around?) and then capture an image of it in it’s “alive” state
  30. Mama Odie in the Princess and the Frog , was blind. For a moment close your eyes where you are take in your world from your other senses. what do you hear, smell, taste, and feel. Capture it.
  31. Where you are Take 10secs and write down 10 things about where you are sitting.

As Always you are Unbelieveably Human, So be Unbelievably YOU!


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