Journaling to my Future Husband

I have something a little different to share with you today but if you stick with me you’ll get how it ties into the bigger picture and is still a creative approach to self expression. Pinky Promise.

So, mostly everyone I know has a bucket list or at least has some sorta list of things that they want to do, in life at some point. For me I’d like to have an epic love, the kind they write books about or maybe just inspires generations to love. Ah la Michelle & Barack, Faith &Tim, and  Mikayla Quinn & Sully. .

Idealistically, I’m hoping, when I meet this moment in my romantic life, it’ll be like a RomCom. Me and my love meet in some sort of cute meet. When I was younger I’d imagine it was at the skating rink. Him adoring my moves, fun spirit, and awesome shape, from the sidelines. Then the couples skate starts and as I’m leaving the floor, he- my love- approaches, and offers his hand. The next three minutes, hand and hand, we get acquainted. Just like a slow jam, on the dance floor.

I’m not 16 anymore and it’s been FOREVER since I’ve gone to black light skate night. These days, the hopeless romantic deep deep inside of me quietly glances the crowd at every music concert, performing arts or music festival that I attend, thinking maybe just maybe this will be our cute meet.

I love music and have a deep passion for lyrics and the arts in general. Though I don’t have to meet a full fledged artist, I’d like to meet someone open to the power of expression…..obviously.

Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband totally hit a cord with me! ....obviously

I’m really hopeful about this, so much so I’ve kept a journal to my future husband since I was 16. That’s what I want to share and why. See it’s important to me to be a woman in my own right and in that I can be pretty driven. Though I haven’t been “in the streets” properly in a while - going on date after date after date. Keeping a journal to my future husband came to me out of thin air! I got a notebook to write in and just went with it. Later when I was about 18 I found a proper journal in a bookstore I worked at, and just had to have it! It was confirmation from the universe that I wasn’t crazy! My friends, who knew I kept a journal for my future husband, were blown away, and totally thought I should make my own to sell, and I did! [You can buy it below in print and digital and it has so much room and many ways to personalize it and make it yours. The digital one is perfect to use with an Ipad pro!]

But Here’s why I started and never stopped journaling to my future husband.

Future husband journal prompt in Pictured: When I imagine our life together.....

1. To keep my heart open and belief alive to a Golden love. It’s so easy - I mean, really easy to become cynical. Especially if you’re surveying and exploring the dating scene! Either it feels like You’ll never meet the one for you, or there aren’t many good fish in the sea. Especially if you’re trying to find balance between work and life, or just swiped right to many times on guys that... let’s be honest, threaten to make you loose hope…. or standards. Insert worse date story or relationship story here! It can be really tough coming back from bad experiences. Keeping a journal to my future husband keeps me clear on the actual experience vs internalizing the experience and thinking that a guy that devalues me, “trophies” me or disappoints me is where I should set my sights and stop looking for someone who Values me, adores me, and sees me.

2. I truly believe my future husband will appreciate this! I once heard that people fall in love because they have similar love stories. Meaning we all have thoughts of what romance looks and feels like to us and the two people with the same “story/idea” most likely to wed, like penguins. So this journal, to my future husband, is my written story and thoughts. It could be maybe quite comical to be able to read letters written so long ago and informative to read those that are most recent. But I’ve seen husband and wives tell each other what they’ve always dreamed of in letters. I imagine this gift to be similar to that, except the journal and its entries show a history of an evergreen love. The whole kinda I knew you before I met you kinda thing.

Future husband journal prompt in Picture:   Today I wanted to tell you..

Future husband journal prompt in Picture: Today I wanted to tell you..

3. To start a conversation. Have you ever met someone and it feels like you’ve known each other for longer than chronological time accounts for but it just seems like an unnameable connection. I believe that having a journal to my future husband is helping me to see how and what I’d like to share and talk to him about, on a normal bases. Oddly I feel like when I meet guys and there isn’t that kinda flow or ease to the conversation or heartfelt engagement I can tell because of the “practice” I’ve had talking openly into the pages of the journal. As a side, yet point in case, I met a guy while I was traveling abroad, and he was the first guy I met, were dinner conversations always turned into dawn laughter and poetry readings. Raging parties, Fire side chats causing everything else to fade. It was in a word… amazing. Oceans,Miles,Life, where our reality, but it was amazing moment in time showing me this ideal did indeed exist outside of my thoughts and possible ideals.

Future husband journal prompt in Picture: Today I Struggled with... & I already love you because...

4. It Allows me and reminds me to make my future husband a point of prayer. Not praying so much that he would happen into my life, but that he would be safe, inspired, guided, loved and supported on his road to me. And what ever else may happen into my heart and head as it pertains to his welfare and development as a person. I’m working on being the best truest version of myself and want to champion someone doing the same. So I start now in the journal to my future husband, with it’s helpful prompts that remind me to do so.

Future husband journal prompt in Picture: I Prayed that... & I asked God to bless you today by...

Keeping this journal has guided me, inspired me,kept my heart open and my hope alive. In some ways, and I’m using this comparison liberally, it reminds me of a vision board but with out the pictures and it’s not hanging on the wall, but the same principle! That principle being the law of attraction: manifesting your dreams into reality!

So Lovers, would you keep a journal to your future husband? If so why? Is it something that you’ve thought about before or would even consider? Would you give it to your husband once he was your husband?

Seriously, Let me hear you in the comments!

Edit: I got my journal at a discount bookstore but you can get this similar one here and it’s much better than mine! ;-) -->

in paperback and digital edition.

As Always you are Unbelievably Human so be Unbelievably You!!

My journal to my Future Husband

My journal to my Future Husband

Journal to my Future Husband

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