Kaftans and Heels

Kaftans and Heels

I got this kaftan in Egypt two years ago and hadn't found the chance to wear it until now. Fashion and style is fully about self-expression, fantasy and story. When I wake up in the morning I ask myself who do I want to be today? What story do I want to tell through the clothes that I wear? and what do I want to feel like?

White ankle length Kaftan with gold embroidery

White ankle length Kaftan with gold embroidery

This day I wanted to feel light and airy, almost breezy. Kaftans are especially built for that! They are fluid and light with material that breaths and you stay cool in the heat! I paired this with teal silver capped heels just for kicks! (lol, pun intended) I also felt that this was a great way to create a contrast from the general idea of Kaftans as simple beach wear. Sort of from sand to concrete!


From beach to Street! Kaftan, could it be the new legging, jegging, or gasp, sweatpants?


You ever notice how on design shows, a'la project runway, the designer tells the story of the girl that would wear their look. They talk about what she's into,what she's up to and what she does. In that same way when we wear clothes we tell similar stories. When I create a look I think about the story.

White ankle length Kaftan with gold embroidery White ankle length Kaftan with gold embroidery

The story: I was a lady about life and synergy! I ate figs and had a raw diet. I believed that life discussions should only be conducted with talking sticks, for the talker of course. I burned sage, to ward off bad spirits, and I put good vibes out into the universe and meditated often. I practiced Vinyasa yoga regularly. I rejected negativity in my life and continued to reach and search for inner peace and well being. And count heels as one of my favorite things.


I see my outer wear as an extension of my love for life, self and people. I express who I am, I celebrate others and I become living art.


You can find a kaftan like mine here, a glamorous and beach type kaftan here , and a global mix of Kaftan and price point here!


What are you wearing and expressing?




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