Lee Thompson Young Will be Missed

Lee Thompson Young, even as I type his name a smile creeps up on my face. When I was younger I watched the famous Jett Jackson like it was a religion. My first T.V. ….okkkk…. first crush ever. I’d tune in just to get lost in the character of The Famous Jett Jackson,  and Lee Thompson Young’s  brown eyes and beautiful smile.  Me and my friend would watch from two different locations with an open phone receiver only for her to say “There go your man” and for me to swoon “I know, he’s so dreamy, I have to marry him!” neither of us actual tweens yet, but I just knew he was going to be “THE ONE” …a girl had dreams!

The same friend called me at the launch of Rizzoli and Isles and told me to watch. Living by myself, I needed to be able to sleep at night, so crime dramas never make the top of my list. She insisted that I watched so I did. HELLO Detective Frost. All over again I was head over heels for this guy with the warmest and most generous smile ever. The years had been good to Lee.

I’ll be honest here and say that my infatuation and darn near convictions around Lee Thompson young went further than just television optic stimulation. During his college years I watched him on YouTube being a normal guy and then in Hollywood giving low key interviews here and there. I also noted the humanitarian type work that he did to give back and how he promised to and never seemed to forget his roots. I even started following his fan page here. It was comforting to me to know that I wasn’t alone in thinking Lee Thompson Young came off as a genuine guy, someone you’d want to know for as long as possible, if only through a fan page.

On Monday August 19,2013, Lee Thompson Young, 29, tragically took his own life as reported to the press by his manager.  I read this is on my msn homepage, my heart broke and I held back tears. It felt personal.

That glaring headline is why this site - Unbelievably Human exist, devoted to the fight against millennial suicide. Someone ask what makes being dead better than being alive. I make no speculation around the cause of Lee’s death, but I don’t minimize the magnitude to switch certain feelings eclipse life. Often, it’s when being alive feels like being dead inside. When being what’s expected/perfect comes at much too high a price. When you feel like you’ve done all you can and you’ll never get it “together”.  Worthlessness, feeling you’ll be less trouble to others dead.

I didn’t know Lee Thompson Young personally but it felt like I did. I felt like we grew up together, Like I was Kayla West, the not quite girlfriend of the famous Jett Jackson. I wish his story had a different ending.  My heart grieves this lost and sends heartfelt condolences and prayers to his mother and family and friends during this time. Another heart breaks here at Unbelievably Human, and hearts will continue to break for anyone lost to suicide.

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