Make the most of Life's moments!

I LOVE color! I really do! It makes me happy and makes me feel alive. I also love to mix prints because you get the best of both worlds. You get loads of color and a cool pattern. It’s something that I do without even thinking. I do however have to really think about putting black and whites together…weird. Now that Spring is here (or at least I hope it’s here!) I've been ever excited to see all the new blossoms on trees and flowers that are popping up everywhere. I love how varied and vibrant nature is even after the brutality of winter. It just burst on the scene giving the former seasons a run for their money, throwing all kinds of shade huntey, with it's very extensive color palette. Now that Spring is here it makes me want to be outside. It also makes me ache to my bones to make some changes in my own life, now that it seems winter has passed. Feels like the perfect time to dust off those personal goals and get back on track! It’s so easy to get off track when you have a million obligations and commitments! BUT at last it’s soooo important almost vital to keep the commitments that you made and make to yourself. One commitment that I've made is to be present in the moment wherever I am and create noteworthy moments in otherwise mundane days. I think that this is so very important to life because like spring it adds color to our stories that can become so routine with all that we want to get done. I just want to make sure that when I look up this time next year there are everyday moments that stand out and are scraped booked into my memory and heart forever.

"You whose day it is get out your rainbow colors and make it beautiful." Traditional Nootka Song

The day in the pictures was filled with shopping, errands, and a long list of “To Dos”, with my sister. I saw this graffiti while driving and immediately insisted we pull over! (My camera and gear are almost like my purse—almost always with me!) The graffiti looked like my sweater expressed in art! It was such a cool piece of art, and a great spring day. I was bubbling over with excitement to live into this impromptu/random moment. So much so I was able to convince my sister to be my Fauxtographer! It was fun and just the color our day needed to make it one that we'll remember forever.

I also saw this cool video I hope that you you enjoy (it's after the pictures) as much as I did! It expresses being in the moment in a beautiful way! How do you make the most of your ordinary days?? Let me know in the comments and if you do impromptu/random things to make the most of life with each day!

💖, Liv

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