Musings, Music, Monday: Mary Lambert's New Song "Secrets"

Musings, Music, Monday: Mary Lambert's New Song "Secrets"

Morning Lovers!

It's Monday and I've got a great music musing for you!! Mary Lambert's new song Secrets! Have you heard this yet? She's the voice that sings the hook on the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song Same Love! You know that infectious sultry hook you can't help but sing along to "And I can't change Even if I tried Even if I wanted to And I can't change Even if I tried.."  That's Mary Lambert!

That's Mary lambert!

Secrets is the first song off of Mary Lambert's Album Heart on My Sleeve , that comes out on Tuesday- Tomorrow! The first time I heard Secrets, I was parking the car and just sat there, in the car, till the end of the song! From the jump the tune is catchy The lyrics are humorous and she just lays, ALL the stuff we would usually hide, right out there but in a fun dance to it kinda way!

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In her NPR interview this weekend on All Things Considered you couldn't help but find her lovable and personable! I love this kind of person- just all heart! She shared in the interview, that in her music and art (she does spoken word on the album), she talks about things that are uncomfortable because she thinks the things that are uncomfortable are usually things that are shrouded in guilt and shame, and she wants to dismantle all of that.

I'm inclined to agree! A women after my own heart!  When you hear the lyrics of the song you can't help but be like  "Well ALRIGHT!" "Hell YES For HONESTY!" But double "Hell Yes for Vulnerability and Courage"!

The message of being who you are and that life is a mixed bag of tricks is getting louder. The charts show the songs that are blowing up, because of people want to feel the hugs, kisses and acceptance that music has to offer. In songs like this we feel that but at the same time can laugh because she never looses humor!

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Her own story is one of beauty and one of the life's complexities and contradictions, she's a gay christian. For some this matters but for Mary she believes this, "You don't accomplish a lot by changing people's opinions by shoving facts down their throat. I think you change people's opinions by opening your heart up and showing the parallels between you and another person. That's how people's ideas shift."

Powerful and true! So that's my Musing and Music this monday Lovers! Enjoy! And keep wearing your hearts on your sleeves! The world needs you!



Here is the Lyrics Video of the song! It's terribly Cute!!! Watch it and see what I'm talking about in terms of the lyrics! The official Video is below with Mary Lambert!

Mary Lambert Secrets Lyric Video

The Official Mary Lambert Secrets Video

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