Monday Vibes: Pinwheels and Care Bears

Monday Vibes: Pinwheels and Care Bears

Hi Lovers,

It was a rainy Monday where I am. I was lucky enough to have had the day off and so took the morning at a leisurely pace. I made a delicious Chai tea, and journaled in my white pages; wrote separately on my to do list the things that popped into my head as  I did a brain dumb onto the formerly blank pages.

I've decided that April will be more about those kind of things for me. Doing more of the things that make me happy, bring me joy, and making them a priority, by doing them first.

Today, for example, it struck me that I wanted to paint and then the day before that it was sanding. I enjoy sanding things. Stripping them and remaking them. Here is a photo of today's vibes.

Creating in any medium, makes me HAPPY!

Creating in any medium, makes me HAPPY!

I normally call Monday's post a different name but along with some other changes that I'll be making on the blog, Musing, Music, Mondays. Will now simply be Monday Vibes. I'll be announcing some other changes through out the week and truly look forward to sharing them and sooo many other things with you!

Are you making time to do the things that you love? If so what kinda stuff are you into? Next week I'll have some music to share with you but for today, just this pinwheel, that inspired me to create. I'll have a DIY of this table on the blog soon! As I'm still finishing it!

Hope your week starts off well!



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