Monday Vibes - Love Letters Street Art

Monday Vibes - Love Letters Street Art

Hi Lovers,

It’s Monday and I want to share with you a really reallycool project that I’ve been working on with a few of my artist friends for a little while now. I’m really into street art and love the different expressions of it. I originally had the idea to hand out love letters to people but after thinking it through and sharing it out loud, I decided this would be my street art moment.

Taking the 100 letters and envelopes, hearts and confetti

Taking the 100 letters and envelopes, hearts and confetti that I was given by the good people over at jam paper and envelopes! We have started writing the love letters that we will hang on lines on a pedestrian bridge with loads of foot traffic.

Can you imagine walking across this bridge and all of a sudden see these envelopes that have words like hope, love, peace,and joy on the outside and being able to just pick one based on what speaks to you. IDK! If I saw something so pretty I’d freak out! So I’m totally looking forward to this!!! We’re even going to come up with a hashtag so that people can share their experience with encountering these letters and the display that they’ll be in.

I'm really hoping that it’ll capture people's hearts and really be encouraging to them where ever they are on their life journey! I love life and am extremely excited that I’m doing this project with others so that the expression of love for others is shared!!!

We are all so hyped and are working really hard to get all our letters written by the end of the month! I sure hope 100 will be enough!

So anyways Lovers, that’s what’s going on here at UH headquarters!! I look forward to sharing more expressions of love with you and steps of this project, as it comes together! Hope your Week is off to a sweet start!


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