Monday Vibes: Summer Excitement!

Monday Vibes: Summer Excitement!

It's a holiday weekend here in the states and I am personally tempted HEAVILY by lots of the sales that are happening. Pro tip....Follow your favorite brands, shops, and stores on Instagram, they post sale notices there and sometimes announce flash sales.

I've found so many must haves for Spring and Summer! I love Spring and Summer! They are my favorite seasons! The weather is nice and it just feels like freedom. I love music festivals too! Last year I went to my first camping one, which was Bonnaroo and had the time of my life! It was soo much fun. I want to do a full fledged tour of music festivals around the world! I could live in a music festival forever! I may try to go to one more this summer. I'm not sure yet, since it feels like there is so many big ticket items on my summer list and festivals can be costly from tickets, outfits, and gear! But it's totally worth it!

In the meantime. I've been researching and creating up a storm(making festival gear) and balancing my work responsibilities! I'm apart of a team planning a huge event next month and I know things are going to ramp up for me work wise and I'll try to keep things here on the blog up to date , as this is my place of EXPRESSISM aka escapism!!! But just in Case....Come connect with me on Instagram!

So Yea, I'm going to soak in this holiday weekend with big savoring gulps.! Also soundcloud is like my new favorite places to go for DJ Mixes Here is one for your weekend.  From one of my Favs!!

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