Monday Vibes : A New Day

Monday Vibes   : A New Day

Ok! So, new weeks make me so excited! Recently I’ve felt like I have been overwhelmed mentally and creatively. That feeling where what you have to do isn’t that hard but your thoughts are so foggy everything seems like a massive undertaking and all you feel “inspired” to do is something mindless, like watching mindless T.V.!  #nodocumentaries

Often times people talk about overcoming writer’s block or the creative middle, but what about when you are emotionally/ mentally blocked. How do you get past those things that inevitably drain your creativity? For me it was being aware that they were!  

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Follow me on Instagram for all this prettiness!

I also became aware that I was really stressing over encountering another learning curve in the creative world. For years I have been interested in video creation and editing; feeling like I had a lot to learn before I could really jump into the game hard, left me feeling a bit frustrated. The kinda frustration where you wish you would have put in the time to learn the first time it became an interest to you, so that you could be ssssssssssoooooo much further now. Then I had to this epiphany! That I could really just challenge myself to improve with each piece that I create. By doing this I could double my learning because each new piece would show case a new skill. Being ok that I may not know how to do all the things that I want to do for the first iteration of creation but ok with growth over time! I’ll become faster and the better! So I’m excited about that. 

Now that I’m working full time as a creative it’s also the realization and peace that I have to come with myself that it’s time for me to shift, and fully embrace this new era of life and this new way of being in the world. Since college I’ve set behind a computer screen and acted in the role of project manager and consultant and figured other ways to express myself while knowing and feeling like there must be something more to life then this. For me I wanted more for myself, something that rang true, that I could just be me. So I’m here now and at the “beginning” of so many things that I can’t help but feel so many many emotions and thoughts that it overwhelms me! But starting today, I’m changing my approach! I have decided that instead of fighting the emotions and thoughts, that I’ll embrace them and put a plan into action to counteract the things that are otherwise draining! 


You’ll see the product of that here on the blog, on my youtube channel, and on my Instagram! I like to talk about stuff like this. Relate to others about the things that I’m feeling or overcoming, so reach out to me, we'll have fun making life beautiful!

As always YOU are Unbelievably Human, So be Unbelievably You,



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