Monday Vibes: DIY FASHIONISTA Cut Out + Keep Feature and Update

Monday Vibes: DIY FASHIONISTA Cut Out + Keep Feature and Update

Hi Lovers! 

I feel like it's been FOREVER since we've connected! This summer has been filled with LOTS of excitement and so many mind blowing moments that I've found it hard to keep up virtually! 
But I've missed stuff like Monday Vibes and sharing my random thoughts on Mondays and updating you all to what's been going on! 

I have so much to share, and so many pictures and SURPRISE VIDEO that you can look forward to being included in everything that happened this summer!  Are you subscribed to Unbelievably Human over on YOUTUBE? If not please do! In the coming weeks you'll be the first to see all the wonderful things that we've been working on this summer and I cannot wait to share my world through another art medium with you. 

If you're new here you may not have a clue what Unbelievably Human is about! But it's about Love for self , others, and life, through creative expression. Art is the medium here of expression so you'll find all kinds of ways to express yourself! Honest conversations on healing hurts, sucide, suicide awareness and how some really amazingly dynamic people have turned there ashes into beauty. 

Honestly, this is also my own litmus test, to turn my ashes into beauty and face fears, heal from past hurts, and triumph over past disappointments. Life is tough and we don't always come back from the things that knock us down. I wanted to share my "journey" using all the energy I could muster using the one thing that comes naturally to me "Creative Expression".

I've always been unconventional and this is how I've chosen to push myself over hurdles and into a beautiful love for self, others and life, that I hope is relate-able, and healing for me! I am Unbelievably Human! I reject perfection and except my beautiful, colorful, humanity! How about you?! 

So if You want to see more pictures of this look , check out my feature on Cut Out + Keep a website filled with make and share craft tutorials. I could not have been more thrilled! I have been following this site for soo many years, it's not even funny! So when they asked to feature me I was over the moon with excitement! I was walking on air. Not only do I have an outfit post over there, I also share a DIY involving an old purse made new! I love their site and would love for you to check out my feature over there and all the other wonderful artist that contribute to the amazing community! 

Well talk soon Lovers!

Remember you are Unbelievably Human so be Unbelievably You! 

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