Monday Vibes: Fight Song

Monday Vibes: Fight Song

I wasn’t exactly sure when i was going to share this on the site but because Monday Vibes are usually for us catching up on random things and for me telling you all the great music I’m finding and want to share with you I figure now is a good time as any. 

In exactly one week and a day I’ll believing my current job for other pursuits! I don’t have a job lined up but have things in the works that I’ll be sharing with you soon enough. 

Starting Unbelievably Human was all about proving to myself and anyone who could relate that life’s ashes can become beautiful. No mater what we are challenged by, if we face it with a positive outlook and determine to over come it, it can become beauty. In many ways Unbelievably Human™ is my “Fight Song” is the visual language of a choice that I made not to give up on myself, dreams, and ideals! 

Ok, so in a week and a day, I’ll be “unemployed” and 8 days later on a plane headed to St. Marteen, for almost a month. It’ll be time for me to recalibrate and tune my ears again to my inner voice. Instead of letting fear and anxiety choke the life out of me, with all it’s unanswered questions; I’ve decided to focus on what I do know. 

I’m learning as I rise from the ashes of my own life; (You can read more about that here, here, and here) that you have to bring ALL the lessons you’ve learned ,HARD, to bear on this point, to get to the next. For me that means believing right now that everything will be ok and not worrying about the future and things that I can’t control! 

I’m also going to trust my faith, and believe that God has a plan beyond what  I can see. He had one before when I thought my dreams and life were shattered forever and I believe that he’ll have one now. 

I look forward to sharing with you all that unfolds in the coming weeks!



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