Monday Vibes: Hello and Fashion Feels #001

Happy New Year!!!! Last year was a huge learning year for me. One that will change my life forever. I’ve always had the desire to tell stories and to learn the visual art of film and editing. I’m absolutely captivated by it and spent the later part of this year teaching myself and learning from others how to begin to tell visual stories.

It’s always been my initial intention and desire that Unbelievably Human be a “video” platform. Seeing it being to come to life is so encouraging and a great way to go into the new year that is ahead of us!

I’ll admit that I was apprehensive about the “New Year” but I’ve decided that I am going to take it one day at a time and do all the things that I desire to do in one day. It’s so simple to say that. But the truth is, it’s requiring me to forget the pain points of last year, and only take on the blessing of the lessons in the year as a whole. For me, the biggest thing that I want to do is improve. Improve all areas of my life and not do the same things that I’ve been doing, expecting a different result.

one of those things is I’m no longer doing “mood ring” link up but instead starting a series that I think will be soo much fun for me! It’s “Fashion Feels” , which is perfect for me because I always dress and change my hair based on how I feel! I want to inspire everyone to take whatever your feeling good or bad -feel it, then express it in style.

The video above shares what my feels where around this look but one thing that makes me feel amazing when I where this dress and vest is that they where all thrifted and cost me about $2.50! I love when I find stuff that I love, and for the LOW.

I also have to add whimsy to almost everything that I wear to feel like me so I added these buttons from my fav store claire’s and my signature opec tights and gifted converse shoes. It’s undoubtably a look that always reminds me of my ability to find beauty and possibility. With that may you find beauty and possibility this year and in your wardrobe! 

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