Monday Vibes: Just Try and Be Okay with your best!

Monday Vibes: Just Try and Be Okay with your best!

Hi Lovers! 

SOOOOO, the first part of last week I was 100% dedicated to and focused on editing my very first   LOOKBOOK for the Unbelievably Human Youtube channel!  I truly, truly, have a love for personal style/fashion and the story telling we do through the clothes that we wear that I was literally aching to do a lookbook. Lookbooks always make the connection so visceral (<--  my new favorite word. I'm on a mission to use it as much as possible.)

Let me tell you, it was a lot of work, but was a lot of fun! I had this idea that I desperately wanted to film and do photographs at the fair! I had two issues. 1. I didn't know when the fair was coming and when I googled it showed past dates. 2. I didn't have someone I knew who could film and edit on short notice.  

Then it happened! I heard advertisements for the fair coming to town and found someone who could film for me! So I took my looks and my crew and we headed to the fair to create a Lookbook! Once all the footage was taken, it was a matter of sorting through it. My person who helped me film was helpful in showing me how to do this. I tend to get overwhelmed when things feel like A LOT and we had so many shots that it felt like "alot" to go through! It was good learning to see that like anything it just takes time! 

This experience taught me so much! How to edit my own footage, which was pretty new to me, but I was clear on what I wanted and just went for it. I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to share the process here. Initially, I was really unsure of myself, but I just tried! I told myself to be okay with my best! It may not be where I "want" to be, but it's my best today and that's wonderful. 

If you are like me and your nervous to try something that you really want to do, I say go for it but be okay with where you come out, and keep trying till you reach or surpass your goal! Below is The Unbelievably Human Farewell to Fall Lookbook, I hope you enjoy it! Please like it, comment, and follow! It's SSSOOO encouraging, giving all it takes just to amp yourself up to try (something else that I learned)! So yes, Please like, comment, and follow if you'd like to see more and or simply loved the video. If anything, I hope that it makes you smile and gives you happy feelings! 

As always you are unbelievably Human, so Be Unbelievably YOU! 



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