Monday Vibes: Lately

Monday Vibes: Lately

Hi Lovers, 

It's been a while sense I posted but I promise it's not because I haven't been thinking about all the fun things that I want to share with you. Nope it's because, well like I told you a few post back my day job got really demanding and so did my blog life but not on the blog rather off the blog. If you are following me on Instagram or even Facebook none of this will be news to you but if this is your first time here....hold on to your seat! 

Over the next week I plan to get back online with our regularly scheduled postings and share some really wonderful things with you! 

So, first things first, I helped host my first 5,000 attendee event! OH MAN! I have mad love and thanks for people who put on stellar conferences that make it look seamless. I never knew so much work went into making experiences! But I can tell you that this one was worth it when you saw the faces of the kids. Oh! Did I not mention that the bulk of the 5,000 was kids! YUP Kids!  That was pretty much June! See the photo I captured with my phone. I was pretty busy most of the event and only have a few to show for it, but I got this one that shows that massive amount of people that attended our event. 

Then there was July! With one week left in this month I have to tell you that this month had been one for the books! I have had a great JULY! It's probably been my best month out of the year thus far! So let's see what happened. We went on Sister Vacation! Which if you've been following for a while or are new, this happens once a year! It's a great time for me and my sister to catch up, talk about heart stuff and hang out as people and as sisters! It's pretty awesome and  I look forward to it every year! The past two years have been international which has been in her words "freaking" amazing, and I agree! 

Sister Vacation 2015!

Then there was #Blogher15!!! OMG!!!! Another highlight for soo many reasons! I had a ball and met sweet, friendly, amazing bloggers who are doing their thing! I'll be sharing lots from that experience this is just a highlight reel. Putting us all on the same page to get back to our normal posting schedule!   

Excited to be at #Blogher15 in NYC!

Then there was last week, I took it to recoup, catch up at the day job, do more celebrating with my family, savor the moment, send thank you notes, and rest! I was tired, and I don't believe in posting just to post. Who benefits from that? No one really! So that brings us to this week! I'm happy to be back in this space and looking forward to all the creative self expression to come!



Surprise Celebration for My VOTY (Voices of the Year) honor from BLOGHER and SHEKNOWS Media

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