Monday Vibes: Staying motivated!

Monday Vibes: Staying motivated!

How can I possibly do it all? I sometimes wonder if asking this question is counter productive. To some extinct I think that it's better to just dive in and get things done. But then there is something to organization. I want to be more organized. I keep trying to be more organized but I get grossly overwhelmed! So instead I make a get STUFF done list and go down it one thing at a time. 

My real frustration isn't organization, as much as it is time. Can we agree that time is the real Trojan horse. For me I have to learn so much stuff and feel like it takes me a lot of time to do so, and I find myself picking and choosing things that I can get done quick and things that are going to take sometime. So even with my organization it still takes me time to get things accomplished and complete.

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I am finding that once I've spent HOURS learning something that it's taking me less time to get that thing done as I continue to move forward which is good! It just doesn't always feel like I'm making progress on the front end. Hours of learning are often met with hours of research which honestly pays off. I've learned shortcuts and tricks simply by doing lots of recon and seeing multiple ways of doing one thing.

Now if I could just see multiple ways for getting things done, and not getting down on myself for one way of not doing something..... the humanity of that. Cheers to a new week and a new chance to make new efforts! I know I say this all the time about Mondays but what else are Mondays for? Music Track below!

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As always you are Unbelievably Human so be Unbelievably You!

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