Monday Vibes: Sunny Florida Rays!

Monday Vibes: Sunny Florida Rays!

A couple weeks ago when I came back from vacation, I had this feeling of "catch up" that felt like I'd forever be behind! I've since worked really diligently to get things caught up, but have been slow to get to the new things that I've taken on and cautious about what I do next. 

This week more than two weeks later, I can say that I am finally getting STUFF DONE. I think the reason for this is three simple things! 


IDK! Perhaps it's my love for the jigsaw type craft projects, the kind that always takes several movies and tons of glues sticks to complete. I've noticed that I seem to come at everything with this idea that it'll require me to settle in, in order to get it done. Recently, I've started timing myself and this has made me aware of the distractions that happen as I try to get things done! My solution has been to write the task that I need to get done down and then writing a mini outline under it. The outline includes what I need to do or if I'm writing or filming what I want to say. This has helped me TREMENDOUSLY to stay focused! 


I have a lot of great ideas, but when stuff doesn't go the way I want or envisioned I start to get discouraged. What I made up my mind to do now is to just "DO" and make progress closer to where I want to be and closer to my vision. I know that you have probably heard me say this before and that's because I know it to be true. Doing things this way have added to my "Self Belief" bank! This bank is vital to me moving past my fears and to the next level of my abilities. I'm consciously making deposits! 


Unbelievably Human at times is a one woman show, because of that I have a tendency to get behind in my editing. What I've learned recently is that I have to learn the discipline of editing as I go, wether it be photos, or film. I practiced this weekend. We did a photoshoot in MIAMI's WYN WOOD district. Once we wrapped and were headed to our next destination, three hours away, I used the car time to high level edit the photos that we'd just taken. Doing it this way gets me closer to finishing the set in real time and not getting back logged. 

So these are my Monday Vibes! These are the things and thoughts that have me energized for the week ahead! I'm working on location at an event and will have to use many of these things to have everything complete and submitted before I leave the event [personal goal]! 

Hope you have a new morning everyday this week, and I hope this week is the week that you get closer to the heart of who you are and what you want out of life! I sure plan to try with gusto! 

As always you are Unbelievably Human, So be Unbelievably YOU! ,


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