Monochrome Valentine's

Valentine’s being one of my Favorite holidays I was extremely excited about my look for this holiday. I wanted to style a look around my new YRU Platform shoes and a romantic theme. I liked the challenge of the clunky platforms and playing with the juxtaposition that they brought to the look. 

It wasn’t tough at all putting together all this pink, especially since pink is one of my favorite colors. I opted for several different shades to match me, a little edgy, sweet, and born to stand out. I opted for the bun up sweetness of a ballerina to keep the look soft and romantic. 

I received so many compliments, from guys, about this look while we were on location in Miami filming and photographing this look. Convincing me that it’s a great look for Valentine’s Day and one that’s simple to achieve but still evokes interest, and dimensions. 

To go along with my love for Valentine’s Day I am doing a campaign over on my Instagram in honor of Suicide Awareness as many people feel depressed and dejected on this day (second highest holiday linked to suicide deaths) and I truly wanted to encourage people #wesharel💖ve ! Because you just never know what someone is facing. This campaign/giveaway is geared towards a classroom Valentines theme that encourages us to think of everyone on this valentine’s day. So the way the campaign works is, you get a gift and so do five other people that you want to share love or thoughtfulness with this holiday. YOu’ll be able to send them an invitation that I have linked below, that was created by the nice people over at, Sendo Invitations. In return you’ll receive a WHOLE BOX of goodies from me! 

I hope that your holiday is wonderful and please consider sharing love or thoughtfulness with someone in your life as this is a holiday that people look for love the most. #facts


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