#UHMoodRing : Globe Trotting
UHMoodring Globetrotter

Spring is here! Summer’s on the horizon and all I can do is daydream of far off lands and wonderful shots and amazing views and scenes. My wanderlust is kicking in strong and as I sit at my office desk restless from having NO windows to even look out of all I can do is dress myself up in the clothes I got the last time I went globetrotting. I’d only admit this to you but one of my favorite things about traveling is SHOPPING! Not just clothes but bookstores and grocery stores, and side alleys that only the locals know about. I always feel like I find unique things that really resonate with my person and express not only my love for style/fashion but my love for creating looks.

GlobeTrotter Look

Take this one for example. A couple years ago I took a 6 month sabbatical from life as I knew it and bought a one way ticket to Ethiopia and from there just kept going till I found myself in Ireland, tired and worn but exhilarated. I’d traveled solo for 6 months met new friends and slept on sofas, ate breakfast on the Nile river, jumped cliffs in Santorini and fell in love with Turkey.

During this time and times before I always yearned DESPERATELY to look like the girl in the airport that looks like she may have not bathed in a couple of days. She has one suitcase one carry on and friendship bracelets and bangles half way up each of her wrist. Her hair is usually messy and either hangs loose with a headband/turban or in a messy bun on the top of her head. She’s friendly, quiet, but has earphones on her neck and the latest subculture best bestseller in her hand. Her carry on is native to the last place she left and so are the clothes that she has on. If good stories had a cover she would be it!

Globetrotter Details
Top: ZARA Manila, Philippines
Pants: Bali,Indonesia, an Open Market Vendor
Necklace: Manila,Philippines
Earrings: Rajahmundry, India
Bracelets: Istanbul, Turkey (Purple one thrift store)
Green Scarf (tied as turban): Music festival in Oakland California
Shoes: DSW

She is always my goal, especially when I travel for extended periods of time or a minimum of 2 weeks! Gotta live the goal! This look is from my time last summer in Manila, Philippines and Bali. I was there for almost a month. I share about the sister vacation part of it here, The shopping part of it here, and the culture here. Not absolutely sure where I trot this summer yet  but have a couple of ideas. Until then I’ll just dress and walk the streets like I’m in a foreign place.

How about you? Ever Get Wanderlust? Do you dress up to transport yourself to that destination?

If you’re sharing with me, don’t forget to #UHMOODRING to your style photos on all social media so that I can see them and if you have a blog link your post up below! I’d love to see what your wearing and expressing!!!!

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