Musing, Music, Monday.....

Hi Lovers! 

It's Monday! I had a uber productive weekend and came out of it thinking that I would in fact change the world! So I'm heading into week three of this new year just as pumped as the first! Where are you? 

I've been really obsessed with Instagram lately-- like really obsessed. I have a friend and she and I have been a support group for our obsession with this medium. I am not one of those people that goes ham for social media but this is just an amazing platform. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 4.18.11 PM.png

Your feed is only as great as the people and stuff that you follow. I trend to follow the crafters, the explorers and the people who make everyday life beautiful! I follow some fashion folks but not a whole lot and a few celebs. Solange is my favorite to follow! 

And ways I mention this and share a few of my favorite instagramers with you as I am creating my own 30 day challenge for myself! I want to improve my photography and iPhontography and thus a challenge to myself. I've come a long way! From this to this! But I've been so inspired to use my imagination from some instagrammers and to find and share the beauty around me from others and to share my everyday style from some others! You can follow me if you'd like but I'm excited to start telling more visual stories!!! 

Some of my own recent favorites

Speaking of instagram! One of the reasons I bring it up outside of my obsession is because you find some of the coolest people on there! literally this weeks Music is from a London DJ called Hannah.Faith! one of her mixes is below! It's hot! 

Whenever I'm working in my home studio and getting into the creative flow music is a large part of that and Hannah's mix ENERGY was the perfect backdrop for productivity!! Plus being honest I recently got into DJ's and looking for their mixes. I don't know it's something cool and "real music lover" about knowing DJs that's always been alluring to me. I feel like this gives me membership to the cool kids music club! 

Hope you have a great week and that you'll put your ear phones in(NSFW) and let this music energize you and take you to a place of productivity and heightened clarity!

later lovers 💖,


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