Musing, Music, Monday....Measure your Life in Love

Musing, Music, Monday....Measure your Life in Love
Unbelievably Human Valentines

Hi Lovers! 

There are 19 days until Valentine's Day! I have been in love with this holiday since the 2nd grade when I got my first fresh cut dozen roses from my mom! What a day that was! It left this imprint with me that Love on Valentine's was simply love.  Didn't have to be romantic but just a day to go all out and let the people in your life know that you love them. Our family, still carries on that tradition to this day! I even share it with my friends sending them Valentine's in the mail!  

I'm thrilled that UH is in my life in a major way for this Valentine's day. UH being all about Love for self, Love for Others, and Love for life -- THIS IS OUR HOLIDAY!! So now I'm sharing my love for the day with you!  I go crazy around this time of year buying all sorts of wonderful heart shapes! Mainly, because I'll need enough to keep spreading love through spreading love through out the year! It is imperative! 

This year I'm so hyped because I'm going to be sharing with you a series of EASY, CHEAP, and SWEET DIYS that you are bound to love. I've got you totally covered from " Galentines" ( Girl friends Valentine's) all the way to"So were Exs-Valentines" (we've all been there,the breakup still hurts!). I'll be rolling out the series, via video(your request for more has been heard) and right here on the site.I wanna give you enough time to make and share the love and laughter on February 14! 

Yea UH is going IN for Valentine's! 

We measure life in love around here! So I'm leaving you with this song from my FAVORITE musical. It's about measuring your life in love.  It truly shaped my life seeing it in the 9th grade with my mom. Listen to the original cast sing it below. The writer of this amazing piece of art died before it went into production. Everyone who worked with him pushed for it to continue because the spirit of RENT was him; through it they kept the heart of him alive. When you see this play (and sorta the movie) you can't help but be moved. You'll definitely consider how you measure a year, and totally want to measure it in love! 

As Always You Are Unbelievably Human....So Be Unbelievably you!



Opening clip of the movie Rent (2005) "Seasons of love" All is property of Columbia and Revolution Studios I do not own this

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