Musing, Music, Monday....Chargaux

Musing, Music, Monday....Chargaux


Recently my new friend IRL, Liz  put me on the violin and viola duo, popularly known as CHARGAUX! Chargaux, Charly and Margaux, described themselves as  "Interdisciplinary creators and  contemporary composer currently breaking necks in brooklyn."   You've actually heard their composing, if you've heard B*tc# don't kill my Vibe by Kendrick Lamar , they composed the string section. They've played in the white house and have original music that will make you want to just vibe all day.

Outside of that, and the reason why my friend shared them with me is there style!!! OMG! These girls express themselves like real Boss Expressionist. I found a video where they share about there style inspiration and have shared it below. They basically wear what they love and see their hair as a vehicle of expression. I personally am here for it! FULLY PRESENT! LOL

 Charly & Margaux. They are an eclectic duo who have been friends since the day Margaux spotted Charly, with a mohawk and a violin, in Boston's Copley Square.

I was really inspired by there girls and I have to say it was because they are 100% them! I listened to their album multiple times on sound cloud which I've linked for you below, as well as looked at their paintings and street art which you can see here. It's like all of what they do oozes them.

I like people like this in general. People who just do them as best they can at 100%! In doing them they inspire you to do you at 100%. Life is challenging and the most challenging thing at times is having the courage to be who you are and define yourself for yourself. It's funny that artist seem to stand out, to some degree from "general" society. When you think about it though it's just an outward expression of an inward awareness of who they are and who they were meant to be. Sometimes this is subtle and sometimes it's not, but in any case it's something I'm starting to notice. You?

So who are we meant to be? That's a great question for Monday Morning, as we roll out of bed and head into jobs that are either our dream or in between. I believe that we all have meant to be with in us. I believe the way we express that comes through even when we are not often times aware of it. It's important that we don't forget it though. It's remembering that, that keeps the dream job a dream and the in between, because in remembering we keep purpose in front of us. We stay clear of our own definition of self and we live out our "meant" to be.

Another reason I really really like Chargaux, was because they work in several mediums as artist. They are not just musicians, or fine artist, but a real mastered "mix up" of several skills. I find this affirming personally. I find much joy in mastering several skills and often working across mediums to express one cohesive thought. I think that Chargaux does this well. I think that some people you look to for consistency in their look. Like Ann Wintour and that bob. While others make variety their signature! I love that their is room for both and all the in between!

Please listen to this music while you work today! I've included a cover of a pretty popular song to entice you!

Here is the link to Chargaux's Album: Broke & Baroque 

Have a great Monday!




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