Musing, Music, Monday...Girl put your records on

Musing, Music, Monday...Girl put your records on
Corine baley ray

Hi Lovers,

It's another Monday. I am grateful it is here and feeling fueled by the words of Corrine Bailey Rae's "Girl Put Your Record On!" It's the perfect tone and tempo, to be an anthem, with lyrics that talk about the realities of life but offer a careless and effortless way to face the changes, challenges, and constants in life. In spite of it all going forward with your dreams and hopes! The song captures that feeling when you rode your two wheel ten speed through the neighborhood feeling the breeze in your hair and seemingly having no care in the world. Having the best time showing off with ,no hands, no feet, standing on the seat, legs on the handle bar, legs to one side, sitting sideways down the hill!

LOL, or was that just me. I was/ am always the evil conivel of the group. But that's the feelings that this song envokes in me. The same feelings you get when you through your head back and laugh, with all the freedom in the world.

I need a bike! When's the last time you rode a bike. Let's get bikes!

“Girl put your reocrds on Tell me your favorite song!! - Corrine Bailey Rae

That's where I find myself right now! As I continue to move forward with all that is on my plate and all that I want on my plate. I'm determined to do my best, have my moments, enjoy the moments, and just make progress. I'm trying my best to take this spirit of the song as the sound track to this journey, right now. It's enough pressure to just keep going!

Why not , just let my hair down!

Just make progress. Legitimate progress. It's a journey. Not a race. It's riding around the block not racing to the finish line! It's hitting bumps in the road with grace and skill to maneuver!

Last week I spent so much time on the computer creating, i missed the glue on my hands, the pain of holding a pencil to hard, and the joy of being able to physically hold what I made. I'm excited about this week to spend time making more creations in real life.  But I'm way excited about the fact that my creativity is in process. It's keeping me up at night and I wouldn't have it any other way, because creative expression is my solace, and being REALLY REALLY inspired creatively is peace to my soul.

You’ll find yourself some where some how. Corrine Bailey Rae

I hope you have a great week and find your self putting your records on and discovering that place inside of you that gives you permission to enjoy the journey. Especially if you're feeling down in the depths of despair, Please believe me! Girl put your favorite record on and dance the joy into your spirit! Fall on the floor and laugh at your own silliness. In that moment realize that it's going to be ok!

As Always you are Unbelievably Human, be Unbelievably YOU!,

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