Musing, Music, Monday...Glory

Musing, Music, Monday...Glory

Happy New Year!

This year I'm actually filled with great energy and anticipation for different things and a renewed sense of self and razor like direction. You'll see it here on the dot com, for sure. 

Take this new site design! It's been a work in progress and will continue to evolve but it was something that I did myself, and with great clarity! 

I created goals this year (though, I almost didn't, my sister nudged me!) and I did so with intentionality and with great gumption. Gumption, that honestly I'd become a stranger to!

I was talking with one of my favorite artist friends the other day and she said to me. Do this year only the things that excite you, that scare you, but none of the things that feel iffy and not right. I did way TOO MUCH, iffy last year, so this sounds timely. 

Me and My friend Court are taking #owwwa to the next level and I honestly couldn't be more excited! We are working on some good stuff! So much so that later on today I'll be posting a "How we are moving forward" with #ONWEDNESDAYWEWEARART! This in it's self is so encouraging!

But what's my point? It's this. Forget yesterday, and don't worry about tomorrow. Instead focus on who you want to be today and begin from the inside out, fighting whatever is standing in the way of the person that you know you are destined to become.  I leave you with the quote and song below today. They both express how a personal decision to live from your convictions, can be transcending, so much so that it changes our worlds. 

Selma, the movie, is where this song comes from. Selma, also known as "Bloody Sunday" is the story of how men and women gathered in a non violent protest to march across a bridge to protest the inequalities of race and jim crow south in america.

What they did took a resounding conviction. It's the same conviction and belief, that I'll need to harnest, to make the goals of 2015, ones that are transcending! 

" In every life there comes a time, a minute when you decide to stand up and live your dreams or fall back and live your fears. In that minute of decision, you must grasp the vision and seize the power that lies deep inside of you! Then you will see that dreams can really and do come true and all the things are truly possible. If you can just believe! It only takes a minute to change your life! It only takes a minute to learn that a setback is nothing but a set up for a comeback." - Willie Jollie

Be encourage Lovers! And As Always, You are Unbelievably Human So Be Unbelievably YOU!

💖, Liv

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