Musing,Music, Monday...Mike Stud - Closer

Musing,Music, Monday...Mike Stud - Closer

"Closer Closer Closer than I’ve ever been" ~ Mike Stud - Closer

This weekend I took an impromptu road trip on my dolo! As I eased on down the road, it was me, my thoughts, and my Spotify. I had such anxiety about this road trip and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why?! I’ve traveled Europe dolo and didn’t even think twice. So why was this such a “thing” in this moment.

I’d found out the day before that I’d won two tickets to attend the Craft Box Girls’ Creative studio event through one of my latest blog obsessions. This should have been a sign to me,because I don’t usually win random drawings, like—ever. So with that, and a huge push from my sister and our two minds thinking about logistics, I was on the road.

Me, Learning fun new things! Photo courtesy of My friend Court

I can say now, that I am so glad for the weekend getaway. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I’m a person that gets energy from life. From exploring, good conversations, adventuring,and meeting new people. As I live into my life as a creative, it sometimes feels burdensome to feed my spirit the HI OCTANE fuel that it needs, because there is so much that I want to get done. Plus,with My constant “Jiminy Cricket” reminding me “Not to stretch my resources and time to thin”; I over analyze decisions [that at one time - felt like no brainers.] UGH!

But here’s my light bulb moment from this weekend. When you’re car’s fuel light comes on you have to stop to get gas. You may not want to, but you aren’t going to get ANYWHERE on fumes—- NOT NO WHERE!


Mike Stud - Closer (no lyrics)

That’s where I was before this trip. On fumes. Thursday of last week my fuel light came on. I felt bogged down in things that needed to get done, I wanted desperately to be done, and the things that just wouldn’t gel - so they could be done.  So yea that light came on. Which is never a good thing because I start to feel heavy and feel unable to find an elevating perspective. Trying to muscle my way through the “done” list, proves to be unproductive, because as I realized this weekend "Ya can't go anywhere without the gas YOU require!" [Tweet "“Ya Can’t go anywhere without the gas YOU require”. 

Every road trip has a song or a playlist that makes for the trip. A soundtrack if you will. As I winded the roads on my solo journey to learn more and to meet more people doing what I love to do [Creating]. This song by Mike Stud - Closer, expressed EXACTLY what I felt but gave me that elevating perspective.

When you are a creative and an entrepreneur there are many legs of the journey that feel down right defeating. Collaborations will fall through. Commitment, you’ll find isn't synonymous with consistent and folks will ask “why”/ “what” are you even doing. BUT. You have to stay committed to YOUR vision. Cause soon folks will later ask HOW you did it (maybe the same people..???).

Mike Stud - Closer with Lyrics

After meeting and talking with other creatives (like I always say here on the blog)through our sharing I learned that my experience wasn’t exclusive; instead very much universal par for the course! YET! I am “Closer, closer, closer .than I’ve ever been.” The closer I get, the harder it gets, and (decidedly) the harder I’ll work. Just like the song I get voicemails like the one at the end, from my sister-encouraging and pushing me on. With that though, just like this road trip and for this rapper, I know - this journey is mine to take.

I’ve shared the link to the Mike Stud - Closer  and the lyrics video. Note: If you are playing this at work, it’s unedited. Usually I look for the edited but some times I can only find it like life, unedited. ;) Either way heres to elevating perspective through song! Happy Monday!

Let me know what you think of the song in the comments!!! Are you enjoying these Musing, Music, Monday's as much as me?

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