My Life in D.I.Y *Sanding*

I am a particularly even-keeled person –ask anybody. I mean I’m pretty calm even in the most hectic situations- especially if in that situation I have done my due diligence! So imagine my frustration when trying to execute a bi-coastal move and having asked all the proper questions ahead of time and on moving day be told that they’d be unable to move me without additional expenses.

After an hour and 30mins on the phone with an unhelpful and RUDE manager named DELORIS, I was told that no concessions could be made for their mistake in information. If I’d reached my threshold on the phone; I would have used a few choice words. BUT because I’m trying to workout pent up aggression in a constructive manor; I went to Lowes and I bought an orbital sander.Came back home and began to sand the heck out of this headboard imagining with each spin of this handy orbital sander that it was smoothing out the nicks of the day and maybe the attitude in Deloris’ face that she was clearly serving me over the phone.

Have you been there? Customer service not so service oriented? Let me know in the comments?  How are you constructive with your aggression?

What you need:

Hand held sander

Piece of furniture


Drop Cloth


Foam roller (To size of what you are panting)

What to do:

  • Wipe down your wood furniture to make sure it’s clean of any stickiness  or other debris.
  • Plug your sander in and sand till the “varnish” or the shinning  aspects of the wood are gone. *If the furniture has been painted before sand it  to the natural wood* **Don’t go over board though sand consistently.**
  • Wipe the headboard with a wet towel to clean all the dust away
  • Then begin to paint. I used a semi-gloss paint.
  • Let Dry and use it in its perspective function. I let my head board dry for about two days.

Unbelievably Human me,


All Pics by Liv (Iphone photos)

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