My Life In D.I.Y *Time Travel Tuesday* Edition
Time Travel tuesday

Remember that time you had the worst day ever. That day when all you wanted to do was get back in bed and hit restart on the whole day! Declare a do over!!! That's how I felt about three weeks ago, on a Tuesday! It started off okay; things were going well, until I got lost on my way to the gym. I know that sounds like I'm making a joke but I did. I drove right past it. I guess I thought it was still ahead of me. WHO knows, but in my attempt to get back on track I ended up in a car accident! Don't you hate that? Unexpected accidents (I know it's an oxymoron). It's like getting pulled over and getting the ticket. You don't see them coming, but you wish you could turn back time, every time……or at least slowed down.

Either way, I was fine physically but emotionally totaled! I continued with the day, but shaken for various reasons. Finally at the gym, I decided to leave. I decided instead of working pounds off I'd gain some. That's right! I left to buy comfort food. I went IN, chicken wings with lots of sauce, 2 chicken fingers cause the skin looked so good, potato wedges, a slice of cake, a Mountain Dew Fruit punch energy drink, and a Starbucks double shot latte, the tall, one from the cooler…...and oh yea some sour worms cause their bright colors make me happy. (I'm sure that you're asking yourself did I eat all of this, but let's not get ahead of the story---and let's remember, I'm Unbelievably Human! don't judge me.).

the oldclock
the oldclock

I guess "the look" I was going for was "unconscious distress". Because at the register, I realize my sweaty white t-shirt with mascara marks (I'd used it as a Kleenex, due to previous events) and gray leggings. Whatever "My Look", it definitely made what happened next that much more "authentic".   So, the cashier is ringing up ALL that I listed above, with lots of commentary! Am I the only one that just wants to purchase groceries without having to answer how "hungry" I am, or how late I plan to stay up-"judging by the amount of energy products" I'm buying. JUST RINGING IT UP! If you have a coupon though…I'm all ears.  

But that's not the worst of it! I attempted to pay with a card and it was declined! Ok cool, right, just run it again it should work- Nope! I reached for another card, because who carries cash! This card was declined! About to lose it; I asked the cashier to cancel the order. At this point a line has started to grow (isn't that always the case). The cashier attempts to do what I have asked and can't doesn't know how. Over the store speaker, he calls for help-- Since when do they do this?! Since today- apparently. I start taking deep breaths. Assistance takes what feels like 30 minutes. In the meantime, the grocery bagger has offered to pay my grocery bill. The cashier, feeling the need to assert himself says "Don't waste your money on her bill!". Can you believe this?! Before he could become the outlet for the day I was having, assistance has arrived.

The grocery bagger, the angel, has disappeared (my assumption to get money from her locker). I request we run the card again with groves of people still waiting in line to check out. It cleared. I breathed, and there were apologies all around and applause (ok I made the applause part up). I mumbled no problem, just a matter of my pride and disintegrating self-image, but no problem. You see my real concern was what I would have done not being able to buy all my comfort food and take comfort in the fact that I BOUGHT IT! Did I eat all that food? NO! I came home and gave my old clock "the makeover" I wanted to give my day!  Have you ever been here? What's your story? Share in the comments…please!


Here is what you'll need:

  • Scotch Washi Tape or Washi Tape (I used Scotch because it was on sale at Target. Pictured above)
  • An old clock
  • You could use scissors. ( I didn't. Ripping and tearing helped me process my emotions.)

What You do:

  • Wrap Washi Tape around clock and secure ends of tape on the bottom of the clock. Because no one will see the bottom. Plus the Washi tape blends well. As you do this imagine you are time traveling. Travel back to a happy moment that makes you feel light as a cloud. Or travel back to a moment that's not so light and really ask yourself - Did I really have any control over that moment.
  • Keep wrapping until all the clock is covered, and you have clarity!
  • Once you're done, display your new beautiful clock! That clock that wasn't so great before now isn't half bad! Each time you look at it- it'll center you to remember: "Life happens, but you still have this moment- so live with a new perspective!"

Unbelievably Human me,


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