My Life in DIY: Being Correct

I've done a Washi Tape DIY before but what can I say? I like Washi Tape! But more to the point! Sometimes well almost always….ok I struggle with "Correctness" some people might liken this to perfection. Just one thing though! It's not the same thing in my book. Perfectionism is everything being perfect. While "Correctness" is always asking yourself is this right. Almost like things are a test and there is a right and wrong answer. I don't struggle with this across the board of life but I do when the situation seems like there is a "set" way that things are supposed to be done, to guarantee a specific outcome. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't at sometimes hindering. Hindering to the degree that I spend so much time preparing and plotting that I may miss opportunities by not just getting out there and doing something even though it might not be exactly "Correct", it's more than 85% awesome.

This leads me straight into the genesis of this D.I.Y. I was invited to attend a hair show, the evening before the show, and I was told that Curly Nikki would be there. I had had A LOT going on in my life around this time that wasn't exactly rainbows and butterflies, but I love Curly Nikki and decided that I would go to the event if only for the chance to meet her! One problem! I'd taken months soooo long debating on my official business cards that it was now 9:30pm the day before an event that could be a wonderful opportunity for me and I have no cards. Actually I don't have anything. Can't print any professionally and have them the next day because the next day was Sunday. What to do, what to do…….. Welp I did what any crafter worth her weight in hot glue would do. I googled make shift business cards. I came across a lot of things that were not exactly the 1-2-3 step process I was looking for but on page 5 of google(I was desperate) found a tutorial on how to create these. I unfortunately don't have the link to the site with all the tabs I had open in my manic it got lost once it dawned on me what to do next. I rushed out of the house went to Target. In their stationary section I grabbed Washi tape, and came back home and grabbed some scissors, my computer, and printed.


These business cards help insure this interview, and a photography feature of a photo I took of Curly Nikki on several sites including her own for her 5th anniversary! So if there is something that you desire to do and you're all nervous that you might not have it exactly correct and even though people will say "you could have done this" and "It has to be like this cause everything depends on it". Remember this: Starting with something is ALWAYS better than spending A LOT of time thinking and pouring over something and still having NOTHING. People seldom stay where they started à la Top Model, The Voice, American Idol, etc.; I think you're getting the point. So don't be afraid to give it your best shot at 85% and improve to 100% verses waiting until 100% is achieved and big picture not being 1% closer to your desire.

What you'll need

  • Paper that is or is like card stock.
  • Washi Tape (I used multiple tapes but you could use solid ones. I just liked mixing the patterns and all the personality.)
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Word or some Word processing program

What to do 

  • First decide what you want to include on your cards.
  • Then go into Word or your Word processing program choose new and click business cards from the options.
  • Once you selected the one that you want, go ahead and populate the card layout with the necessary information. You can type this one by one our just tell the program to repeat your design over the other cards. I did both but wished I'd remembered to just have it repeat initially, because it got tedious placing my brand logo each time!
  • Now that you completed that. Decide how many cards you'll need and click print with the cardstock or cardstock like paper in the printer.
  • This part is fun and can be done two ways*:
    • Option 1: Place the Washi tape on the blank/back of what you just printed, line by line, side by side, (the long or short way but make sure it's top to bottom or side to side) until it's fully covered, varying your Washi tape color if you desire.
    • Option 2: Cut the cards out and do each card individually with the Washi tape. This way no one card is the same.*Note don't focus on getting the tape flush with the edges of the card. Instead just get the tape on there and clean it up with the scissors in the next step!*
    • Now all that is left is to cut the cards out with the scissors if you did option one. If you did option two, use your scissors to clean up your cards now focusing on making the tape look flush to the cards.

If you make these let me know! I want to see!!! Hope this is helpful! Good luck, get out there and hit em with your best shot!


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