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My Life in DIY: Broken Hearts and Band Aides

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My Life in DIY: Broken Hearts and Band Aides


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope that you are having a great day and that this is finding you in a great place! This is one of my favorite times of the year! If you are still looking for or trying to figure out what to do for your valentine or maybe a friend with a broken heart, here is something cute that I came up with.

I used all precut hearts and letters. All of these items are from target's valentine's area! I cut the hearts and used band aides to put them back together and put warm messages either on the back or on the front of the card. I used hot glue to keep everything together! 

I'll give these to my friends that I know are going through tough times and frankly aren't that excited about Valentine's day! I get that, right, it's tough when your heart hurts or life is tough sometimes, the thought of love just hearts.

That's why these are perfect for that time. It acknowledges the pain of life but at the same time gives it a kiss and a promise that it'll get better and that you are still loved!

So! If you make one Let me know and I'm sure your special valentine will be thankful!!!



DIY for Broken hearts

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