My Life in DIY: DIY Flower Chandelier

My Life in DIY: DIY Flower Chandelier
DIY Flower Chandelier with Faux Flowers

DIY Flower Chandelier with Faux Flowers

So I mentioned here in Monday Vibes how I needed a minute to get my hands dirty with paint and to burn myself with hot glue a few times! Well here is one of the things that I've created.

For me, I truly love Spring Cleaning! I know! I say that a lot but I do! I find the best stuff in my own stash of things. This time though I found a new years resolution! yea remember those things. One of mine had gotten pretty dusty, it was the one where I said, I'd redesign and style my room. I'm really into interior design and have been for as long as I can remember. Personal spaces mean a lot to me because it's where you start and end your day. I think that it's important than to nest in those places so that when you come home to them they remind you of who you are, who you believe you are and most of all give you a big familiar hug!

Being that we just moved into a new home, changing the lighting fixtures is the last thing on our list of things to do. That being the case I wanted to go from this to this. See below.


I was thrilled about how this came out! I got the original Idea from this DIY Flower Chandelier From HonestlyWTF. I changed it up a bit though, like I used Faux Flowers, to fit my purposes, and simplified the steps in the DIY as a reflection of that. This DIY Flower Chandelier, would be great for any one who is renting , in a dorm, or just wants to disguise a "nipple" light fixture as they are commonly called, in a new home. The supplies that I used are listed below and are all non-destructive to the ceiling which was perfect for what I needed! Here are my supplies below and the steps that I took to make this! My Supplies:

DIY Flower Chandelier Supplies

DIY Flower Chandelier Supplies


  • Faux Flowers of Various varieties about 3-4 bundles
  • A wooden embroidery hoop that fits around your light fixture loosely not tight.
  • Yarn of two colors to give your β€œstrings” dimension. My strings sparkle!
  • Lace trim that fits around your hoop with a 1 inch seem allowance
  • A ruler or something to measure your DIY with.
  • Wire cutters
  • Command Picture Hanging Strips,small, that hold at least 4lbs, pack of 4. I used all of them.
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Cut your flowers to the length that you want using your wire cutters
  • Cut Your string the length that you want it to hang allow one inch for attaching the flower
  • Once all your strings are cut loop them around your embroidery hoop. Take the two ends and put them through the loop end of the yarn, around the embroidery hoop and pull the strings down.  
  • Now glue that loop in place and wrap your flower steam in the hanging yarn, so that the blossom is hanging downward, and secure wrap with glue. Be careful here that glue it HOT!
  • Repeat that step till you have all your blossoms secured.
  • Ok, Now take your trim and hot glue it around your embroidery hook to hide all the string from the above steps.
  • Take your Command Picture Hanging Strips put one on either side of the circle, then top and bottom. So 4 total!
  • Now attach that to your ceiling and call it BOSS!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or if there is anything that you need clarified. It's honestly an easy DIY, so let me know if you need clarity!

As Always you are unbelievably Human, So Be unbelievably YOU!

DIY Flower Chandelier

DIY Flower Chandelier

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