My Life in DIY: How to Make a Faux Septum Ring

My Life in DIY: How to Make a Faux Septum Ring

OH how I love a good DIY! Especially one that allows you to play with your look and express yourself! This one that I have for you today is one that I have been enjoying loads on others and have desired for myself, but wasn't sure how I'd achieve this desire. See, I've been obsessing over septum rings lately. I think that they look uber cool and for some reason make people intriguing to me, more than any other piercing! I think it's because I associate it with something that is both enchanting and beguiling all at the same time. Typical...I can't resist a good juxtaposition. It just gives me life! 

Septum ring styles can vary tremendously from person to person. They can be simple just a dainty ring, have balls on the end or be sparkly with stones and beads. Whatever the case, septum rings can take anyone's personal style in a new direction with only as much effort as finding a septum ring that you love. Really! Take the "Girl Next Door" or a "Plain Jane", don't change anything about what she has on and add a septum ring and you now have intrigue and a completely different look and vibe. It's like the same effect a moto jacket has with a basic jeans and t-shirt look! Edgy!  

The Faux Septum Rings I created! 

Personally, I have a VERY LOW tolerance for pain and can still remember getting my ears pierced back when I was a wee little one. This memory alone prevents me from further piercings (and tattoos), as of today. (<---- giving myself room to change my mind) SO not to be dismayed, or kept from septum glory, I figured out how to create a faux septum ring!

Supplies that you will need to complete this FAUX SEPTUM RING DIY

When I initially started looking for faux septum rings I wasn't finding the selection to my liking from the limited places that I looked in. Claire's who's usually my favorite accessorizer, seemed to only have the prettiest septum rings for those who had the actual piercing. I was bummed by this a bit and looked at a couple of other places but didn't find one that really rocked my world. That's when I decided it was time to put my DIY brain to the task of creating! I ended up making nine rings! I made a couple different styles and played with different colors and techniques. I honestly just wanted to see how differentI could look with each different ring.  I'm sure for the cost of the supplies and what it would have cost me to buy nine different rings, I came out on top.

It's a hard thing to show through pictures, so I've provided you with a fun and easy to follow along with "How To Make a Faux Septum Ring" Tutorial via video (above)! These faux septum rings stay in your nose quite well and don't hurt at all. They are also very quick to make once you get the steps down and I made the steps super simple and very easy to see and follow. You shouldn't have any trouble at all making your faux septum ring. What I really really like about this is that it's noncommittal and versatile. I also think that these make for great friend gifts and cool ways to spice up your street swag and your selfies! I've been wearing them a lot this fall and winter because I liked the look of my faux septum ring with big floppy hats, scullies and beanies! Just so many different looks and personas to try! I've been going from Boho chic to hipster poster child, and 90s grunge in between and loving it!

I hope that you'll create some of these Faux septum rings and play with your style and general look just a little! Even if only to play dress up with yourself in the mirror and take fun pictures and laugh at all the ways you change and find new self expression! Faux Septum rings are a great fall and winter accessory, since we tend to bundle and layer, with hats and coat hoods, drawing attention to the face. These faux septum rings will even, carry over to summer for the "Young, Wild, and Free" vibe of endless summer that we long to carry with us through out the year!

Have fun and don't be afraid to try this! Especially if it's something you'd "NEVER" wear! It's Faux so it's a perfect excuse to never say never!
                                                                      Later Lovers,

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